Name:  Aldrich                
Real Name:  Aldrich Goschstein   Power Source:  Unknown    
Hindrance: Susceptible (Mind Control)    
Strength: 14c     Edge: 2    
Agility: 9c     Hand: 4      
Intellect: 4d     Health: 25    
Willpower: 6c          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
Int   Time Control: 11   St   Sonic Slam    
     -Limit: Time Out*   St   Swords    
     -Paralysis   Ag   Escape Artistry    
     -Speed Burst   Ag   Martial Arts  
        Int   Mythology  
St   Regeneration: 4   Wp   Animal Handling    
        Wp   Tracking  
Suit Weapons:      
St   Warblade:    + 6      
   -Transmutation: 12      
        -Limit: Warblade Only      
History & Notes:          
  Aldrich was born to be a king in his time.  However, the royal court  
would not have it.  To eliminate this future king, they sent him on a quest to  
find the legendary Warblade, a quest they thought impossible.  Aldrich began  
his quest a small and frail boy, but after 12 years, returned a powerful and  
tempered man.  Markon, the appointed ruler in Aldrich's absence, declared  
Aldrich an imposter and ordered his death.  Aldrich fought for his throne and  
his kingdom, utilizing the powers Warblade had bestowed upon him.  Unfortunately,
Aldrich was still inexperienced using the sword's power and displaced himself in
time.  One moment, Aldrich was fighting for his birthright in his throneroom, the
next he found himself on the streets of Manhattan.  Apparently the sword had not
only displaced Aldrich in time, but also in space and possibly even reality.  
  Aldrich is slowly adjusting to the 21st century, using his power to right  
wrongs that still exist in this day and time.