Name:  Arson                  
Real Name:  Chris VanDuul   Power Source: Mutant    
Strength: 6x     Edge: 2    
Agility: 6c     Hand: 4        
Intellect: 4c     Health: 25    
Willpower: 5d          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
Int   Fire Control 16   Ag   Escape Artist  
     -Fireball     Ag   Thievery    
     -Fire Elementals     Int   Chemistry  
     -Fire Restraints     Int   Trivia - Arson  
     -Fire Shield   Wp   Art    
     -Flame Shapes      
     -Resistance to Fire        
History & Notes:          
  Thomas and Chris VanDuul were identical twin brothers and born rivals.  All  
throughout their lives, the two had falling outs and were incredibly violent towards each
other.  On several occasions, the two had actually gone as far as to try to kill each other.
Thomas was the first to discover his powers, quickly leaving home at the tender age of 18.
He left Chris and his family behind and shortly thereafter joined the super villain group
known as the Elementals.          
  When Chris discovered his powers, a whole new world was opened up to him.  He
was always a slight pyromaniac, always trying to burn his brother, so he felt new heights
of jealousy and rivalry when Thomas found his powers.  But when Chris realized he had
the exact same powers, he trained hard and began to push his powers to the limit, to be
better than his brother.  Knowing that Thomas left never to look back, Chris was certain
that Blaze (as Thomas now calls himself) wouldn’t have a clue to his new powers.  
Donning an outfit and naming himself Arson, Chris has left home to live the glory of fire,
to watch the city burn, and to destroy his brother.      
  For more on Arson's history, see Spectre's Issue Guide.    
Roleplaying Notes:          
  Chris was always a punk, just like his brother.  In fact, the reason  
the two hated each other was the fact that they were both vicious, cruel people, but could
never accept that as truth.  Chris always saw his brother’s faults, but could never see his
own.  Chris wants nothing more than to truly hurt his brother by any means possible.
After he does that, he would probably be content roaming the nation, just starting fires.