Name:   Black Dragon                  
Real Name:   Unknown   Power Source: Unknown    
Strength: 14x     Edge: 3    
Agility: 8x     Hand: 5        
Intellect: 9x     Health: 30    
Willpower: 10x          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
St   Body Armor: 4   St   Brawling  
    St   Natural Weapons  
St   Claws:   5   Ag   Aerial Combat  
    Int   Assessment  
Wp   Enhanced Senses: 9   Wp   Survival  
     -Infravision   Wp   Tracking  
     -Life Detection        
     -Telescopic Vision        
Int   Fire Control: 10        
     -Limit: Blast Only (Breathes Fire)    
St   Life Support: 15      
     -Suspended Animation      
St   Regeneration: 11      
Ag   Wings:   12      
     -Protected Wings      
     -Wing Slash      
History & Notes:          
  For Black Dragon's history, see Spectre's Issue Guide.    
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