Name:   Brick                  
Real Name:   Brock Adams   Power Source:  Mutant    
Hindrance: Guilt-Ridden (over possibly killing his parents - will not kill)  
Strength: 17a     Edge: 2    
Agility: 4d     Hand: 4    
Intellect: 4c     Health: 25    
Willpower: 6d          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
Ag   Density Control: 8   St   Brawling  
    St   Hyper-Breath    
Int   Earthquake: 6   St   Sonic Slam    
     -Limit: Must hit Ground   St   Martial Arts  
     -Immune to own Earthquakes   Ag   Repair    
    Int   Trivia - Football  
Int   Gravity Control: 8   Int   Weapon Systems  
    Wp   Intimidation  
Int   Kinetic Control: 8          
History & Notes:          
  Brock discovered his powers shortly after his parents died.  His parents  
were killed by a small earthquake occuring along the California coastline.  
Brock isn't certain, but he suspects that it was possibly his power that triggered  
the looming earthquake.  Brock was a high school football star and a no-nonsense,  
take charge kind of guy.  When his parents died, he called up an old relative from  
New York (an Uncle), and persuaded him sign papers that Brock and his younger  
sister Becky were under his guardianship. Brock knew that his uncle wanted nothing
to do with him or his sister, so the two (Brock being 17 and Becky only 13) lived  
with their uncle long enough for Brock to get a job.  Brock needed money fast, so  
he quickly hooked up with a small crime syndicate primarily interested in money  
laundering.  Brock's abilities quickly became evident, so changing his name to  
Brick (and donning a costume - to protect his and his sister's identities), he went  
forth and offered his services as a bodyguard, enforcer, and other strong-arm  
related tasks. With the money he brought in, he was able to afford a house for  
himself and his sister, and because of the amount of money he brought in, he  
could still go to school.  He will protect his sister at any cost, and still fancies a  
career for himself in football.  Brock only sees crime as a part-time job that he  
will soon retire from.        
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