Name:  Cancer                
Real Name:  Bobby Foreman   Power Source: Mutant    
Hindrance: Addicted   (Alcohol)      
  Susceptible  (Psionics)      
Strength: 15d     Edge: 2    
Agility: 9d     Hand: 4      
Intellect: 4c     Health: 25    
Willpower: 6d          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
St   Body Armor: 7   St   Natural Weapons  
     -Retractable Plates   Ag   Contigent Attack  
    Int   Criminology  
St   Regeneration: 10   Int   Mythology  
    Wp   Observation  
Ag   Wall-Crawling: 6        
History & Notes:          
  Bobby Foreman was once a small time hero working his way up to the big  
leagues.  Unfortunately, he ruined it all with alcoholism.  For many years,  
Bobby was living at his lowest; until one day he drank so much that not even  
his incredible regeneration could keep up.  Bobby Foreman was dead for 3  
seconds.  He was revived in the emergency room and decided to change his life.  
He quit drinking and started fighting crime again.  But with big red plates that  
come out of your skin to create a crab-like armor, it's hard to change your  
image and Bobby found himself becoming frustrated with the whole hero gig.  
  Thus, Bobby chose to hire out his services instead.  As Cancer, he  
became no more than a hired thug, but the pay was good and he didn't have to  
worry about "falling off the wagon".  The freedom of breaking the law became  
just as intoxicating as anything else.  Cancer has been a villain ever since.  
  For more on Cancer's history, see Spectre's Issue Guide.