Name:  Earthshaker              
Real Name:  Paula Blount   Power Source: Unknown    
Strength: 5d     Edge: 2    
Agility: 4d     Hand: 4      
Intellect: 4x     Health: 25    
Willpower: 5d          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
Int   Earth Control: 12   St   Boxing    
     -Limit: Grounded   Ag   Demolitions  
     -Digging     Wp   Intimidation    
     -Earth Shaping        
History & Notes:          
  Earthshaker was a fledgling villain who teamed herself up with two  
other starting crooks; Plantmistress and Shock.  They had not achieved  
too much, and by their second encounter with Spectre, Earthshaker had  
been killed by the villain Frostbite.    
  For Earthshaker's history, see Spectre's Issue Guide.