Name:   Fluke                
Real Name:   Stephanie Gardiner   Power Source: Mutant    
Hindrance: Phobic (Spiders)      
Strength: 5d     Edge: 2    
Agility: 10b     Hand: 4      
Intellect: 5c     Health: 25    
Willpower: 7d          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
Ag   Flight:   4   St   Climbing  
     -Life Support     Ag   Acrobatics    
    Ag   Fast Exit  
Wp   Luck Control: 15   Ag   Thievery  
     -Luck Missile   Int   Assessment  
    Int   Journalism  
    Wp   Manipulation  
History & Notes:          
  Stephanie always wanted to live on the edge.  From a young age she was  
attracted to the weird and taboo.  Stephanie found herself at home with the  
New York club scene.  In her young adult life, this is still evident, as she  
remains mostly unemployed, writing the occasional article for various tabloid  
magazines.  Although Stephanie does commit crimes as Fluke, her primary  
motivation is to keep up with what everybody else is doing and have fun.  If a  
situation turns from fun and wild to serious and/or deadly, Fluke will withdraw  
and leave the situation; she is not a hardcore criminal, just a girl trying to have  
a good time.            
  For Fluke's history, see Spectre's Issue Guide.      
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