Name:   High Voltage                      
Real Name:   Timothy Willis   Power Source:  Power Ring  
Hindrance: Triggered-Powerless (Separated from Power Ring)    
Strength: 5d     Edge: 1    
Agility: 5d     Hand: 3        
Intellect: 3c     Health: 17    
Willpower: 6c            
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:      
Int   Electrical Control: 15   St   Boxing    
     -Limit: Non-Conductive   Ag   Escape Artist    
     -Brownout     Int   Computers    
     -Resistance to Electricity   Int   Criminology    
      Wp   Observation    
Ag   Flight:   7   Wp   Tracking    
     -Life Support          
St   Regeneration: 4        
Int   Time Control: 11        
     -Speed Burst          
History & Notes:            
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