High Voltage Issue #1:                            The New Kid in Town.
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #1

Timothy has been attending class in his new high school in New York for two weeks and is slowly getting adjusted to life here.  The hardest thing to get used to is the New York attitude, which is much different than the attitude back home.  Reaching into his third week, Timothy finds some relief in the form of a friend.  He meets Francis in his math class and the two hit it off right from the beginning.  Francis seems pretty average, and acts as Timothyís tour guide in regards to the school and other students.  Discovering that they donít live too far from each other, the two boys begin to hang out after school as well.

One day as Timothy heads over to the boyís usual meeting point, the Stop Ďn Go near where Francis lives, he notices that a larger kid seems to be muscling Francis out of his money.  Concerned, Timothy heads over and as he does so, the older boy takes his leave.  With the coast being clear, Timothy asks him what was going on with that guy.  Francis tells him that the kidís name is Nate.  Waiting for the rest of the story and obviously not getting it, Timothy asks him if he owed Nate money.  Hesitantly, Francis says yes.  With an uneasy feeling between them, the friends hang out until itís time to go home.

The next day at school, Timothy recognizes Nate in the halls and decides to keep an eye on him.  Looking to see where he goes and who he goes there with, Timothy notices that Nate seems to hang out with a dark-skinned boy named Craig.  Timothy continues about his normal business and tries to spot him during lunch.  He easily spies him across the lunchroom as Nate seems to be making his rounds by bullying other kids out of their lunch money.  Timothy walks over to him and bumps his shoulder into Nate as he walks by.  Nate tries to pick a fight with Timothy by verbally assaulting him but Timothy ignores him and simply walks off.  Suddenly, Nate is standing in front of Timothy, blocking his path.  The two begin to banter and talk trash to each other.  Nate threatens Timothy and tells him that if he wants to be noticed, Nate will start taking his money too.  Timothy reaches into his pocket, pulls out a quarter, and tosses it to him.  Nate quickly catches the quarter and tells Timothy that itís not enough.  Offering more change to Nate, Timothy is told that itís still not enough.  Timothy pulls out his wallet and shows him that he doesnít have any more money.  Nate pushes Timothy back and threatens him, telling him that he owes him $20 by tomorrow.  Timothy says nothing more and just walks away, heading back over to Francis.  Francis asks him what going on with Nate.  Timothy replies that itís nothing, just Nate being a punk.

Timothy goes about his regular routine that next day.  He attends his classes as normal and sees Nate in the halls hanging out with Craig.  When lunchtime finally rolls around, Nate starts his normal routine of bullying the other kids for money.  Working his way around the lunchroom, Nate finally heads over to Timothy.  Just as he gets up to Timothy, before he can say a word, Timothy pushes him back and begins demanding money from Nate.  Nate pushes Timothy back and as he does Timothy can feel a shock coming from Nate.  Luckily, Timothyís ring protects him from electrical harm, so while the attack startled him, it didnít hurt him.  Not being able to tell if his electrical shock had any kind of affect on Timothy, Nate offers to take this up outside Ė an offer Timothy readily accepts.

Heading around the back of the school, both boys seem nervous, as if each doesnít want anyone else to see their fight.  Nate taunts Timothy and in his overconfidence offers Timothy the first shot.  Timothy lets loose a minor electrical blast towards Nate.  As the blast hits Nate, knocking him to the ground, a part of it is reflected back at Timothy.  Again, Timothyís ring absorbs the damage of the shock.  While Nate is getting back to his feet, Timothy runs up to him and punches him with an electrically-charged fist.  With incredible speed, Nate dodges Timothyís attack and slams him with some kind of pressure, stunning Timothy.  Timothy retaliates by firing another electrical blast at Nate, who dodges it with ease as he Power-Slams Timothy again.  Nate stops and looks at Timothy on the ground.  He begins to taunt Timothy and tells him there isnít any hope for him; that he canít win against Nateís speed.  Timothyís anger begins to grow and finally, in his fury, Timothy stops holding back and blasts Nate with all his power.  The blast, being too fast and too unexpected for Nate to dodge, hits him square in the chest knocking both the wind and consciousness out of Nate.

Looking down on his fallen foe, Timothy takes all the money Nate had stolen (which comes out to a couple hundred dollars) and heads back inside.  A concerned Francis approaches him wondering what just happen and where it took place.  Timothy calmly sits down at his table, eats his lunch, hands Francis his $20 that Nate had stolen from him, and smilesÖ