High Voltage Issue #2:                             All Dressed Up...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #2

                Walking through the school’s front doors and past the metal detectors, Timothy is approached by a very beautiful woman who appears to be a member of the staff.  She introduces herself to him as Anna Treveaux – the school’s guidance counselor.  After walking him to her office, she shuts the door and asks him how he’s adjusting to his new school.  Timothy says everything is fine and that’s he’s getting used to things here with no problems.  Anna raises an eyebrow and asks him about the fight he had with Nate yesterday.  Timothy plays it off as if he has no idea what she’s talking about.  She claims to have seen more than he would’ve liked her to, but Timothy still denies that any fight ever took place.  She gives him the opportunity to come clean with her by asking him if there is anything he’d like to tell her.  Once again he refuses to offer her any answers and asks her if he can go to class now.  Quietly, Anna writes Timothy a hall pass and sends him on his way.

                Between classes, Timothy spots Nate, who seems to have been avoiding him today.  Timothy approaches Nate and accusingly asks him how Anna knew about their fight.  Nate has no idea as to what he could be talking about, so Timothy relays to him how Anna pulled him aside and took him into her office.  Nate’s response is that Timothy had best hope for his sake that she didn’t.  He continues by telling Timothy that the hard time she gave him was nothing compared to the hard time he’s going to give him.  Tired of Nate’s threats, Timothy simply walks away.

                The next day on the way to school, Timothy is approached by Nate and two of his friends.  As they near him one of Nate’s friends, who Timothy remembers as Craig, steps forward and demands that Timothy return the money he took from Nate.  It seems to Timothy that this Craig guy must be the leader of this little bunch, especially by the way Craig seemed to belittle Nate when demanding the money back.  Timothy smarts off to Craig who restates his demand by informing Timothy that the money he took from Nate wasn’t Nate’s at all; it was his.  A gleam in Craig’s eye as he tells Timothy he wants his money back lets Timothy know that this guy means business.  Trying to buy some time and feel Craig out a little, Timothy asks what if he doesn’t have the whole amount – to which Craig replies he’ll just have to find a way to fill in the blanks.  Timothy agrees to pay him back, says he’ll bring the money tomorrow, and begins to walk off.  Craig catches him by the arm and tells him that won’t do, Craig wants his money right now.  Trying to escape the situation, Timothy tells them the money’s at home.  Craig says they don’t mind walking home with him to get it.

Finally reaching Timothy’s house they argue about the amount owed, but after a heated argument and threats towards him and Francis, Timothy relents and gives them the money.  Craig, Jason, and Nate laugh as they walk off.  Francis turns to Timothy and warns him to be more careful when dealing with those guys – everyone’s afraid of them, even the teachers.

                Making a day that started bad even worse, as Timothy walks in through the front doors of the school, Anna is waiting for him and begins talking to him.  She mostly small talks with him, but as she compliments his ring Timothy almost jumps out of his skin.  Noticing his reaction, Anna tries to soothe him and assures him that he can talk to her.  Timothy asks her about Nate and his crew.  She tells them they’re bullies… more than bullies, they’re criminals.  Timothy nods and heads to class as Anna tells him to be careful.

                During the school day Timothy keeps trying to catch Nate alone, but every time he sees the bully he has his friends lurking about.  Timothy leaves school that day in a bad mood, frustrated about his helplessness against the school bullies.  Tired of always holding back, Timothy pulls the super-hero outfit he had made back home and decides to hit the New York night as High Voltage.

                While flying high above the city’s skyline, High Voltage spies four men loading up electronics through a broken shop window into the back of a moving truck.  Wanting to halt their getaway before it even begins, he unleashes a powerful blast of electricity straight through the hood of the truck and fries the engine.  The criminals jump in surprise at the sudden attack, draw their weapons and begin firing madly.  Easily dodging their clumsy attacks, High Voltage swoops down from the sky and punches one of the thugs in the face, causing him to drop his gun in pain and surprise.  Rising back into the night sky, he is followed by a series of gunshots from the three remaining men.  Deciding to stay as far back as possible, High Voltage takes another guy out with a powerful electrical blast.  Seeing two of their number taken down so quickly, the remaining pair begin to fall back towards an alley as they unleash a volley of gunfire at the young hero.  With his incredible speed High Voltage easily manages to stay clear of the deadly bullets while swooping down to take out yet another thug, causing the last standing criminal to make a run for it. 

As he’s noticing the running thug, he looks back to discover that the first two he had smacked around are up and on their feet again.  Taking a cue from their more cowardly friend, the two split up and begin to run away in different directions from each other.  Reacting quickly, High Voltage emits a well-placed electrical blast at the base of a nearby streetlight, causing it to crash down in front of the crooks – startling them and barring their path.  Realizing the fourth thug was starting to get up to run as well, he sends a blast at the first thug who ran, knocking him unconscious.

Suddenly, out of nowhere High Voltage finds himself being power-slammed into the ground.  Looking up he sees a costumed villain who addresses himself as Bolt.  Bolt tells High Voltage that he needs to back off Bolt’s operation.  Needing the element of surprise, the young hero tries to blast this costumed menace, only to see him dodge the blast with amazing speed.  In half a second’s time high Voltage finds himself being power-slammed again.  Fighting to stay conscious, he hears Bolt ask him his name.  Wearily, yet defiantly he declares himself as High Voltage.  Hearing the hero speak, the villain asks if they know each other, as he sounds very familiar.  Bolt asks High Voltage if he would like to join his crew, to stop fighting and work together.  Bolt sounds strangely familiar as well.  Thinking about Bolt’s offer, High Voltage agrees – to which the villain tells him to leave and let him finish… the two will meet tomorrow night.

As Bolt turns his back on the hero, he is blasted from behind by a bolt of electricity.  Taking advantage of his stunned opponent, High Voltage speed bursts up to Bolt and nails him with a hypersonic punch.  Bolt tries to get some room to maneuver with this hero in his face and tries to knock him back with a bolt of his own electricity.  While the blast does hit High Voltage straight in the chest, the only effect it has on him is a faint smile as the young hero retaliates with his own, more potent, blast.  Gaining his bearings just in time to dodge the electrical blast that would’ve finished him, Bolt retreats in the blink of an eye.  High Voltage looks around, the crime foiled but the crooks nowhere to be found and hearing sirens in the distance, the young hero decides to head home and try to make it back in bed before his absence is noticed.  After this encounter, he could use the sleep.