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Infinity Quest 3D


I have been working on a set of league rules for combining HeroClix and Dungeons (mostly just the Dungeons rules with HeroClix figures for those of you in the know) and was playing around with the idea of using 3D dungeons instead of the tiles.

While I probably will only use them for special occasions, I did take pictures just to give a feel for the 3D dungeon game.  Enjoy!


The Basic Layout

Then I had to add a few walls and doors


Now X-Factor had to test their mettle against my SAGA creations.

Of course, no hero battle can be completely without villains now, can it?


It looks like Black Dragon and Solomon Grundy are about to throw down!


One of the Madrox clones looks over his shoulder in response to Mysterio's ridiculous monolgue

"Is this guy for real?"


Nocturne carefully makes his way to a Cosmic Crystal in hopes of finding an Infinity Gem.


An aerial view.


Got to my Infinity Quest League page to get more info!