Name:   Lady Jezebel              
Real Name:   Kara Connelly   Power Source: Unknown    
Hindrance: Addicted (must drain 10 health per day,    
  not necessarily from one victim)    
Strength: 5x     Edge: 3    
Agility: 6c     Hand: 5      
Intellect: 6d     Health: 30    
Willpower: 9b          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
St   Body Armor: 6   Ag   Demolitions  
    Ag   Marksmanship    
Int   Life Drain: 15   Int   Espionage  
     -Telepathic Control   Wp   Leadership  
     -Weakness   Wp   Manipulation  
    Wp   Military  
Wp   Pheromones: 12          
     -Hormonal Addictions      
     -Prolonged Emotions      
Wp   Psi-Screen: 8      
History & Notes:          
  For Lady Jezebel's history, see Spectre's Issue Guide.    
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