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DVDtoons!-   Tired of not being able to find out if your favorite cartoon from 10 years ago is coming to DVD or not?  Then check out this site, dedicated to cartoons on DVD; news, previews, whatever - they've got it.

Interpretation-   Wanna check out some home-made rookie tracks?  Try this site and check out some rhymes from a good friend of mine.

DVD Sewer-   A great place to get that much needed information about certain DVD's without all the hassles of a retail site.  It is also a great source for news and reviews as well.  If you plan to buy any DVD's in the near future, checking this site out is a must.


Video Games

The Video Game Museum-   A huge site with tons of cool stuff.  They have screen shots for nearly every game out there and they cover the old stuff too!

Sports Gaming Network-   A good source for all sports games (but I know, you're going there for the wrestling games... it's okay).

Street Fighter Legends-   A very cool site filled with goodies such as reviews, news, art, and even little animated guys...

Gamefaqs-   THE source for all your video game help and cheating needs.

Capcom-   You know 'em, you love 'em.  See what they're up to now...

GameSpot-   They've done a real good job of covering some of my favorite upcoming games and news.  If you haven't checked these guys out yet, what are you waiting for?

IGN-   Yes, it may be incredibly commercialized, but it still gets the job done as far as reporting the stories and creating message board topics.  With its expansive coverage of Wrestling, Babes, Anime, and Sci-Fi in addition to the obligatory Video Game stuff, this page is definitely one to check regularly.



SWRPGNetwork-   Log onto the Star Wars RPG Network for any source material you might need for the Star Wars d20 RPG.   The premier site for that gaming monopoly known as the d20 system.  Tons of resources... definitely check this one out!

RPG Gateway-   An excellent resource for various RPG's.  It even includes artwork and convention information.







Draco's Ranma 1/2 Page-     A very good Ranma 1/2 site that has an excellent tape/episode guide.

Sputnik 7-     An interesting site that allows you to watch anime in real time!!!


Wrestling   This site caters to rumors, news, and wrestling pics.

Highspots-   Truly a world of wrestling news and merchandise... no, really!

Women of Wrestling-   This is a pretty good women's fed which is actually being aired on T.V.  Check out the site for wrestler bio's and television air times.

Michiku Pro-   Another well done female Japanese wrestling site.

Mike's Japanese Professional Women's Wrestling Page-   The name says it all.


Comics & Pop Culture

Death and Sandman Images-   Exactly as it sounds, a place to grab a few pics of the original Vertigo duo.

Gettosake Entertainment-   A great series of black on-line superhero comics with attitude.  Check out the adventures of Chocolate Thunder and more!

Sprite Rip City-   A place to get all those cute little Capcom sprites.. and more!

The Transformers Archive-   Hands down the best place that I've found on the net for re-living those glory days of the Autobots and Decepticons!!!

Devil's Due Publishing-   A pop-culture publishing company who has been acquiring rights to some of our favorite licenses of the past (GI Joe, Micronauts, etc...).


Web Oddities

BikerFox-   My goodness - the fun to be had on this page.  One of the cases where it's so funny because he's serious.

Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi-  This has to be one of the most insane sites on the net.  Go here and take a guided tour through the architectural wonders of mobile homes. 

Peter Pan-   This isn't the Peter Pan I remember.  You thought BikerFox was bad?  You ain't seen nothing yet!

Seanbaby.Com-  If you don't know about this site, it's a weird and twisted trip down memory lane... and then some.  This is a really cool site that has been known to offend the weak; I wouldn't access it from work if I were you.'s Bastard Test-   Go here to test yourself.  I know I get a lot of accusations, if you do too why not find out if they're right.  They were in my case...