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Main Features-

Heroes-     Here's where you'll find the truly noble and the accidentally involved.  Every game needs a few good heroes...


Villains-     Need a few diabolical fiends, or just a couple of money-hungry thugs?  What's a Marvel game without a few punching bags for your heroes?


Neither/Both-   Sometimes people just can't make up their minds and end up playing on both fields.  Other people just don't wanna get involved, but still find themselves in the middle of the action.  Here is the home for the indecisive.


Equipment & Items-   A few gadgets can end up making a good hero or villain great.  Other times they can wind up as a crutch.  Which will it be for you?


Image Gallery-   Wanna see what some of these chumps look like?  Head over here to get an idea.


MU Universe-   An futuristic alternate reality where everything you held true is a lie...



Issue Guides-   A few of the heroes listed on these pages have been fortunate enough to have their adventures chronicled.  Click on the names below to check out that hero's Issue Guide.

High Voltage-  This shocking young hero has a mysterious past.

Nocturne-         One guy you don't wanna meet in a dark alley.

Spectre-           A psychic hero who's paid his dues, and it shows.

Dante-              Feeding off evil, he walks through the Inferno of NY.

Vigil-                 When the nightlife got boring, she made her own!



Resources-   House Rules and other tidbits can be found here.  Click below for the resource of your choosing.

Experience and Advancements-   An alternate system for gaining new stuff.  Not recommended for over-generous GM's.

Marvel Cast-   A list of all the published Marvel guys and where to find them, a pretty handy tool for my games.

Marvel Rules Additions-   Here's a few rules we added for some variety in our games... let me know what you think.

SAGA Dials for HeroClix-   A few familiar faces make their way to the world of HeroClix.



Marvel Saga Links

Marvel Saga Index-   A great resource for Marvel Saga.  Rules and definitions right at you fingertips!

Martyrs and Madmen-   One of the first and best Marvel Saga sites on the web.  Pay homage!!!!

The Marvel-Phile-   A great Saga website with tons of characters, rules, articles, and more.

Shawn's Saga Page-   An incredibly useful page with lots of options and stats for long-forgotten Marvel characters.


Other Marvel (or Superhero) Links

Bring on The Bad Guys-   This site has tons of information and is an excellent resource for your favorite Marvel Villains.

The Museum of Black Superheroes-   An expansive collection of Black Superheroes from all walks of comics.

Mutatis Mutandis-   This site may not use the SAGA system... or not even a system at all, but it's got a pretty cool timeline and a lot of interest.


The Character Sheets (as well as most of this site) are best viewed by Internet Explorer.

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