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Aldrich-           An out of place warrior with a thirst for Justice.

Bodycount-      This guy comes from an alternate reality of Doom...

Dante-             Feeding off evil he walks through the Inferno of NY.

Darkwell-         Who says Darkforce is just a bad guy power?

High Voltage- This shocking young hero has a mysterious past.

Impact-            A witty young girl with the power to pack a punch.

Inertia-            Try to stop her, she just keeps going!

Lightstar-        He's a sell out.  What more can I say?

Nocturne-        One guy you don't wanna meet in a dark alley.

Psi-Star-         The next generation of super-hero.

Shield-             Patriotic leader of the Untouchables.

Spectre-          A psychic hero who's paid his dues, and it shows.

The Saint-       A hitman who started turning the other cheek.

Vigil-                When the nightlife got boring, she made her own!


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