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Adam Bomb-       An evil Marky-Mark with a bang.

Arson-                  This firebug is all about revenge and trouble.

Ballistic-              All strength and speed crashing into you!

Bedrock-              The rock-solid leader of the Elementals.

Black Dragon-     An ebony-skinned villain filled with attitude and rage.

Blaze-                   Hot-headed second in command of the Elementals.

Blink-                    He'll mess with your mind...

The Bolt-            This youthful villain is quick on his feet.

Cancer-                Definitely one crabby guy!

Cell-                      Don't let him get his hooks in you...

Conduit-               Just another corporate lackey.

Desire-                Be careful what you wish for...

Earthshaker-     She's dead, but in Marvel how long does that last?

Firefox-              A heated beauty who really is one hot babe! 

Fluke-                   This cute club kid has luck on her side.

Freeze-Frame-   He'll stop you dead...

Frostbite-           A cold-blooded killer with an icy temperament.

Glacier-               Frosty the Snowman on steroids...

Golem-                 He'll stomp a mudhole in ya!

H2O-                    He makes a habit out of washing Heroes up...

Hypersonic-         A true Master of Speed!

Lady Jezebel-    One vamp you don't wanna mess with!

Midnight-            Crime runs in the family. 

Migraine-            A psychic villain with incredible potential...

Mindblock-          He's a small-time thug with big dreams... of crime!

Patience-            Slow it down...  The name says it all.

Piranha-              A real fish out of water...

Poison Oak-        This one will give you more than just an irritating itch.

Psi-Storm-         Psionics & Weather make this guy one tough customer.

Scanner-             Nothing gets by her... Nothing!

Shade-                She wisps through the shadows of the club scene.

Shadow Seer-    He uses his arcane knowledge for evil!

Sludge-                He'll get you into a very sticky situation.

Shock-                 A novice villain with electrifying leadership abilities.

Tempest-            The name says it all for this Elemental.

Twilight-             Self-proclaimed master of light and shadow.

Typhoon-             A walking natural disaster!

Undertow-          This Elemental will send you to your watery grave.

Vengeance-         Specializes in helping villains with their arch-enemies.

Vine-                    Poison Oak's partner has a history and packs a punch!

Void-                    More than a bully... crime runs in the family!

Whisper-             You'll only know she's there if she wants you to....


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The Elementals:   Bedrock, Blaze, Tempest, & Undertow


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