The Hellfire Club

Here's the whole gang together again.  This team was conceived from the battle against the X-Men and Nimrod in Uncanny X-Men #208.  Donald Pierce, White Queen, and the Armored Hellfire Guard (Pheonix Saga) were thrown in for flavor.  The White Queen was absent from this photo session... well... because frankly she's embarrassed to be seen with these guys nowadays.





Team Member Base Used Point Value
Sebastian Shaw Bane (Veteran) 85
Black Queen Moondragon (Unique) 71
White Queen White Queen (Rookie) 69
Leland Parademon Warrior (Veteran) 25
Tessa Black Panther (Rookie) 27
Donald Pierce Aquaman (Veteran) 41
Von Rohm Cheetah (Experienced) 54
Hellfire Guard SHIELD Trooper (Rookie) 11
Armored Hellfire Guard SHIELD Trooper (Veteran) 17

Hellfire Club Themed Team Total:


This pic was an "in progress" pic of him.  I like the way the face came out... very Shaw... and the whole Black team's outfit are the battle outfits they used in X-Men #208.

Tess, simple and blends into the background- as she should.

This one was started before they announced her in Critical Mass.  She uses a Moondragon base, which ironically enough is 71 points - exactly the amount for the CM Selene.

Can't have the club without the goons...

Yes, this was a goon as well... don't blink while reading the Dark Pheonix saga or you might miss the four or so panels he was featured in.

 Some older group shots for your enjoyment (much darker) - let me know what you think...


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