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Power Pack - Dial Talk

     This was a very difficult team to create in every aspect.  The mods were near impossible and the dial choices were varied.  After all, what do you do when the scale requires them to all be so small and the dials require such one-sided focus with very specific stunts?  What it meant was taking a VERY long time to hammer out the physical aspect and then rush to try to find something as accurate as possible for their dials.  Given that every time you see them their powers have altered or they've discovered a new way to use them, I concentrated on how they fought on the battlefield.

Katie Power a.k.a. Energizer

Text Here.

Jack Power a.k.a. Mass Master

Text Here.

Julie Power a.k.a. Lightspeed

Text Here..


Alex Power a.k.a. Zero-G

Text Here.


Final Thoughts

Text Here.

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  Team Member Dial/Feat Used Points  
Energizer Yondu 53
  Nanobots 10
Mass Master Shadow Thief (E) 47
Lightspeed Dawnstar (E) 60
Zero-G Nighthawk (V) 60

Power Pack Themed Team Total:


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