Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I have pictures below that feature a Splinter mod to fill out the team.  I've also done a new Casey Jones to improve upon the last one and give me more dial choices for when I field the team.  As far as how they play... Well, I've played the team as listed a few times and if you can get used to not having any range, it's a great team..





Team Member Base Used Point Value
Leonardo Tigra (Veteran) 54
Raphael Cheetah (Veteran - Cj) 63
Michaelangelo Beast (Experienced - Xp) 59
Donatello Beast (Experienced - Ult) 61
Splinter Elektra (Veteran - Cm) 26
Casey Jones Ian Nottingham (Experienced) 29
April O'Neil Paramedic (Rookie) 8

TMNT Themed Team Total:



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