Nocturne Issue #1:                            Baptism by... Mud?
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #1

While on patrol, Nocturne runs into Daredevil scoping out a pack of drug dealers.  Daredevil is still working on the same case that he left Nocturne and Spectre for the night before (see Spectre #28).  Daredevil inquires about Firefox, and verifies that Nocturne is not about "Lethal Justice".  The two of them briefly exchange words and Nocturne heads out to finish up his patrol.

After Daredevil has left the area, an alarm sounds off in the distance. Nocturne decides to investigate and sees a large mud-monster emerging from the bank, carry bags of money with him.  Nocturne decides to simply follow this creature, to see where his trail will lead.  Only a couple of blocks away from the bank, three police cars block the mud creature’s path.  Nocturne continues to watch, but after two policemen are crushed by a thrown car and another two die while inside their cop car as it is thrown into a building, Nocturne decides that he must act.  As the mud golem is chasing down the remaining two police officers, Nocturne uses one of his Shadowlines to pull them to the safety of a rooftop.  Then Nocturne advises them to shoot at the creature while he sneaks behind it.  Nocturne lands a devastating blow with his Shadowstaves, but the mud golem is far from finished.  The two begin to exchange blows until suddenly the mud creature pulls Nocturne’s head and upper torso into its body, effectively drowning him in mud.  Narrowly escaping its clutches as consciousness is about to leave him, Nocturne uses a Shadowline to remove a nearby manhole cover.  Next, Nocturne himself attempts the daring feat of trying to lift the monster and knock it into the manhole.  The feat does not work exactly as Nocturne expected, but the rushing water from the sewer below seems to cause excruciating pain to the mud creature who is halfway in the sewer.  The mud-monster changes into the form of a man, but still cries out that he cannot swim and is deathly afraid of water.  Nocturne turns him over to the authorities and tries to finish his patrol.

Hearing an explosion in the distance and heading toward it to investigate, Nocturne arrives at the burning junior high school to find Daredevil crawling across the pavement of the playground.  Daredevil, beaten and bloodied, had his mask torn open, revealing his identity as attorney Matt Murdock to Nocturne.  Nocturne decides to get Daredevil out of the area, and wraps him within a healing Shadow-womb.  Nocturne then flees the area in hopes that he’s not too late to save Daredevil, and that he can find who caused all of this mess.