Nocturne Issue #2:                                              The Passing of the Torch...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #2

Daredevil awakens with incredible confusion and pain.  He explains that he was scoping out a drug deal to find the source of the drugs, when three additional people walked into the room; one female and two males.  He remembers the female sensing his presence and revealing his location to the others.  The next thing he knew, he was in a battle with the two males.  After being hit by a blast from one of the males who began flying, Daredevil found his legs to be paralyzed.  Then the other hit him and Daredevil lost his Radar Sense, as well as his other senses dwindling slightly.  The trio then allowed the drug dealers to finish their business and left Daredevil on the floor, unable to move.  A few moments after they had all left, the school had exploded.  Daredevil asks Nocturne if he would be willing to finish his work, since he is too weak and needs to determine if his loss of abilities is permanent or not.  Nocturne quickly agrees and Daredevil tells him of the large transaction that should be taking place tomorrow night.  Nocturne returns home to rest properly and begins to gather information in the morning.

After reading the morning paper, Nocturne isnít very surprised to discover that the mud-creature had escaped.  He was interested, however, in the fact that the mud-creature was in fact a boy who had been reported missing over 5 years ago.  Nocturne disguised himself and found where the parents were staying.  After talking with the boyís mother, Nocturne found out that the boy had been a part of a cult, and also found the names of several other boys that he had been friends with.  Nocturne looked a couple of them up, but found they had cleaned up their act.  The only information they could give him was the fact that the ringleader of the whole cult had been another boy named Drake Bates.  Noting the information, Nocturne quickly shifted gears so that he may be in attendance for the little meeting tonight.

Scoping the dockside warehouse out, Nocturne found nothing unusual, and merely watched as a large truck pulled up in front of the warehouse.  Shortly thereafter, three sports cars pulled up and the apparent drug dealers began talking with their suppliers.  A few minutes into the talking, a black Buick pulled up, and three people emerged from the vehicle; one female and two males.  After a few moments, the female began looking directly at Nocturne, and informed her associates.  Nocturne quickly entangled her legs in a Shadowline and pulled her off her feet.  The pony tailed male revealed himself as Freeze-Frame and took to the air, attacking Nocturne.  Nocturne took a very hard hit, with his body trying to slow down.  Apparently this as the man who paralyzed Daredevil.  A large battle erupted with everyone firing at Nocturne, who was an extremely difficult target due to his swinging on his Shadowlines shrouded in a field of darkness.  After taking out all the goons and the second male (who had attacked Nocturne with these small, extending fleshlines from his hands) by wrapping them up in his Shadowlines, and with the female no where in sight, Nocturne focused his full attention on Freeze-Frame.  Suddenly, the mud monster that Freeze-Frame referred to as Golem, burst from the warehouse and began to throw cars at Nocturne.  After a few more rounds of battle, Nocturne knew he would lose if he didnít take a break to heal himself.  With that thought in mind, Nocturne quickly retreated, although not very far away, so that he may heal himself properly.  While healing himself, Nocturne heard another voice that he had not heard before, telling everyone to continue the deal and not to worry about Nocturne.  Nocturne, on the other hand, was going to make certain that they worried about him, as he geared up for the second wave of his attack, now at full strength....