Nocturne Issue #3:                            Midnight and the Darklord...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #3:

On patrol, Spectre found himself reflecting on the battle he had fought just two nights before (See Spectre #29).  While nearing the dock area, Spectre suddenly became aware of gunshots and headed over towards the docks.  As he gets closer, he sees what appears to be some kind of illegal transaction, and a girl pointing him out to her friends.  Wondering how she could spot him in the night sky so quickly and easily, Spectre defended himself as Freeze-Frame took to the air and Cell cast his Fleshliness at Spectre.  Noticing the distraction that his ally Spectre is causing, Nocturne reveals himself and manages to tangle all the gunmen in his Shadowlines.  Then, seeing that Spectre is being double-teamed, Nocturne uses his Shadow Control to blind Freeze-Frame, causing him to weave in his flight and lose a great deal of accuracy with his attacks.  Spectre, shifting his attention to Cell, telekinetically tosses the truck at Cell, smacking him with the side of the truck.  As Freeze-Frame grabs Spectreís attention by continually trying to attack him (even though heís half blind), Nocturne charges Cell, taking him out of the action.  Suddenly, Golem, Sludge, and Cancer emerged from the same warehouse that Golem had burst from just minutes ago.  Spectre quickly blasts Freeze-Frame out of the air with a Psychic Blast as both he and Nocturne begin to assess this new situation.  Spectre realizes that Freeze-Frame doesnít seem to be able to pull out of the nose dive that Spectre had sent him in, so he flies over to Freeze-Frame and catches him telekinetically.

Nocturne uses his Shadow Control to create a huge field of darkness around the three new villains, essentially blacking out the area around them.  Freeze-Frame surprises Spectre by giving him one last energy blast, which Spectre easily dodges and then drops Freeze-Frame, causing him to fall several feet before smacking against the ground, unconscious.  Nocturne signals to Spectre that the villains are trapped in his darkness field, and picking up on the hint, Spectre telekinetically creates a tidal wave from the ocean nearby to crash in on the field of darkness, dousing everyone within.  Nocturne is suddenly hit from what feels like a Darkforce blast from behind, and sees a man in dark armor next to Scanner.  Nocturne fires off a series of Shadowlines, but they are all cut apart by a reflexive Darkforce field before they can hit the strange black man in the dark armor.

Having been touched by his weakness, Nocturne notices that his field of darkness that was surrounding the three villains has dissipated.  As Cancer and Golem charge Nocturne, and Sludge begins to fire off pieces of himself at Spectre, Scanner and the strange man begin to leave, slowly moving out the goons, trucks, and merchandise.  Seeing the two villains charge him, Nocturne produces a Shadowline at their feet, in order to trip up the two powerhouses.  Unfortunately, with their momentum behind them, they tear through the Shadowline without even noticing it.  Spectre, easily dodging Sludge's blasts, telekinetically flings Golem into Sludge.  Sludge is merely knocked down, but Golem continues to flip and roll uncontrollably until he finally lands in the ocean.  Sludge quickly builds a wall of sludge to help protect him, while Cancer charges into Nocturne and knocks the stuffing out of him.  With all the commotion going on (including Golemís screams as he fell in the drink), Cell and Freeze-Frame slowly begin to wake up, and silently join Scannerís retreat.  After a few unsuccessful attempts by both Nocturne and Spectre to take out their sparring partners, Nocturne decides to switch.  Dodging past one of Cancerís mighty blows, Nocturne runs towards Sludge and whacks him in the back of the head with his Shadowstaves.  With Sludge down, Spectre begins to psychically barrage Cancer with Psychic Blasts, until Cancer finally retreats into the ocean.

As Spectre lands and Nocturne looks around the battlefield, they both realize that Sludge is the only villain left.  The duo hear sirens in the distance, and although Nocturne wants to flee into the night, Spectre retains Sludge for the police to pick up.  Nocturne hides and watches as Spectre speaks with the senior officer, which he seems to know.  Spectre asks Lt. Fox if he could interrogate Sludge before the police take him away.  Against her better judgment, she lets him walk around the corner to get answers his own way.  As Spectre rounds the corner and awakens Sludge, Nocturne joins him.  When Sludge seems to be resisting their standard interrogations tactics, Spectre decides to read his mind.  As soon as he does, however, he sees the face of a man who looks similar and is wearing the same attire as the man in dark armor from the battle.  The image tells Spectre that he doesnít want Sludge talking, and heís going to keep him from doing that.  Suddenly, Sludge collapses and lies unconscious.  Spectre persists, however, and manages to revive Sludge.  Sludge remembers what the image did to him, and feeling violated, decides to tell Spectre and Nocturne everything he knew.  He explained to them that the man in the image was the man who hired him, and his name is the Darklord.  They met his son, Midnight, earlier and they are trying to take over Hellís Kitchen to get a foot into the New York crime scene.  He also mentions that the Darklord wants to become the one true crime boss, the kingpin, of New York.  His plan is to lay low and build his power base, while using super-villains to do his dirty work and act as his muscle.

Sludge, having just spilled all his knowledge on the situation, asks that the heroes let him go; he feels that it would be a fair trade for the info he just gave them.  Nocturne is willing, but Spectre will not, due to the fact that Lt. Fox knows that Sludge is in Spectreís custody, and Spectre is not willing to compromise their relationship.  Spectre Psychic Blasts Sludge one more time, rendering him unconscious yet again, and hands him over to the police.