Nocturne Issues #7:                                  Murky Water...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #7:

After sleeping for what felt like ages, Jason wastes no time incorporating his newly acquired headband and wristbands into his costume.  Confident with the new look and feel of his costume, he decides to follow up with his new allies and calls Heroes for Hire from a nearby payphone.  Identifying himself as Nocturne, Jason lets them know that he operates in Hell’s Kitchen and that his services are available.  He also makes it a point to talk to Cage about Mr. Smith and inquire to what they could figure out about him during the battle.  According to Cage, Mr. Smith was incredibly strong and neither Cage nor Iron Fist could hurt him at all.  Jason asks Cage to check out Midnight’s story, and to see if the resources that Heroes for Hire has can delve any deeper into the situation.  Cage assures him that the organization will look into it.

After leaving the phone booth, Jason picks up a newspaper and looks through it for any mention of last night’s encounter.  He finds an article featuring how Lightstar, accompanied by Heroes for Hire, defeated the dastardly villain known as Midnight and one of his accomplices.  Continuing his research at the local public library, Jason stumbles across an article in Forbes magazine about Smith Industries.  It highlights Mr. Smith as being a smooth businessman in his mid 30’s owning a multi-million dollar company with holdings in South America and all across Europe.  Not having luck with anything else, Jason heads home to rest up before night falls.

After spending a little bit of time patrolling Hell’s Kitchen, imagine Nocturne’s surprise as he spots Golem running through the alleyways.  Nocturne, curious to see exactly what he’s up to, decides to follow him.  After moving through the alleys Golem makes his way over by the docks and stops on the beach near the water.  Nocturne looks to see if any vehicles, flying villains, or just something out of the ordinary shows up but nothing seems amiss.  Just as he is about to head over and confront Golem personally, a strange and monstrous man emerges from the water and walks upon the shore carrying a large container.  Quickly edging closer to the scene, Nocturne takes control of the shadows and uses them to knock the container out of the creature’s hands and back into the water.

Hidden away from the scene, a stranger attempts to Psychic Blast Nocturne.  Luckily for Nocturne, his newly acquired headband absorbs the mental attack leaving the hero with nothing more than an irritating heat against his brow.

Still holding back, Nocturne is surprised as both Golem and the odd creature turn and look directly at him.  Reacting quickly, Nocturne uses the shadows to trip up Golem and knock him into the ocean.  The creature begins to run towards Nocturne and, even as Golem lets out a blood-curdling scream, he continues to close the distance.  Nocturne readies himself for battle and kicks the creature (who refers to itself as Piranha) in his monstrous jaw as he approaches.  The kick having no effect, Nocturne creates his Shadowstaves and uses them to block Piranha’s powerful claws.  Noticing Golem crawling out of the water in human form, Nocturne changes the method of his attacks and wraps a Shadowline around Piranha’s legs, knocking him on his back.  Piranha uses his razor-sharp claws to slash the Shadowlines from his legs, but as he does Nocturne begins to wrap up his arms and the rest of his body in a cocoon of Shadowlines, leaving Piranha totally immobile.

Looking back to check on Golem, he sees the boy still yelling and sobbing in some kind of insane fit on the shore.  Nocturne carries Piranha over to the boy and proceeds to wrap him in Shadowlines as well, making certain he gets some of the ocean water in Golem’s cocoon.  After taking care of the two villains Nocturne begins to look around for the container, but it’s nowhere in sight.  Turning his sights on Piranha, he asks the strange fish-man if he’s wanted by the local authorities.  Piranha tells Nocturne that he doesn’t have a criminal record and that he hasn’t done anything wrong.  He goes on by saying that even if Nocturne were to turn him in there’s no proof of any crime and the cops would just let him go.  Nocturne realizes that Piranha has a point and asks him how the two knew where he was hiding.  Looking puzzled, Piranha responds that he just knew… like an image just “popped up” inside his head.  Growing suspicious Nocturne inquires about the container but Piranha’s only reply is ”What container?”  Nocturne lays Piranha on the beach as Piranha tries to taunt him into releasing the villain so they can fight it out.  Piranha yells to Nocturne that they’ll meet again as Nocturne takes Golem and walks away, heading to the police station.