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Spectre #28-29: Childhood Friends ...                            Highlights:      Introduces Nocturne with a cameo by Daredevil as Spectre battles friends from his past, uncovering their dark secrets.

Nocturne #1: Baptism by... Mud?                             Highlights:      Nocturne begins his own adventures with a battle against a new villain known as Golem.

Nocturne #2: The Passing of the Torch...             Highlights:      Nocturne discovers a badly wounded Daredevil, and decides to continue his work.

Nocturne #3: Midnight and the Darklord...                Highlights:      Nocturne re-unites with Spectre against a deadly new drug ring.

Nocturne #4: New Players in Town...                    Highlights:     Investigating the newest drug ring in NY, Nocturne picks up an informant and an unlikely ally.

Nocturne #5-6: Showdown in Central Park!!                  Highlights:     Events finally come to a head as Nocturne and Midnight face off.

Nocturne #7: Murky Water...                               Highlights:     Even though Nocturne's greatest foe is in jail, it doesn't stop him from tangling with new ones... meet Piranha!

Nocturne #8: Revenge of the Piranha!                               Highlights:     Nocturne is tired of playing with these thugs... and one villain learns a fatal lesson!