Name:   Sludge                
Real Name:   Joseph Mohammed   Power Source:  Experiment  
Hindrance: Susceptible (Fire)      
Strength: 6c     Edge: 2    
Agility: 6c     Hand: 4      
Intellect: 5c     Health: 25    
Willpower: 8x            
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
Ag   Body Transformation:  13   St   Whips    
     -Limit: Tar Only     St   Wrestling    
     -Semi-Solid Form   Ag   Gadgetry    
      Ag   Thievery  
St   Regeneration: 10   Int   Computers  
     -Limit: Linked to Transmutation Int   Physics      
     -Limit: Only by Absorbing Tar    
Int   Transmutation: 10        
     -Limit: Linked to Tar Body        
     -Limit: Objects Only        
     -Limit: Only Transmutate Objects into Tar    
     -Limit: Touch Only      
     -Permanent Change      
Ag   Webslinging: 8      
     -Limit: Linked to Tar Body      
History & Notes:            
  For Sludge's history, see Spectre's Issue Guide.    
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