Spectre Issue #10:                               Glacier and Blink Intro
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #10

                After healing up for three weeks, and having only talked to Starlight twice during that time, Spectre begins to patrol again.  As he is beginning to wrap things up for the night, Spectre notices the roof collapse and the alarm going off at the bank where he works.  He then sees a man seemingly made of ice grow large enough to step inside the bank by placing his foot through where the roof was, and grow small again.  Spectre creates an image of Thor in front of the villain, who grows once again and smashes the image with two large chunks of ice.  Spectre makes himself invisible as he notices the villainís reaction.  Another villain steps from the shadows and banters with Spectre, telling him two can play that game.  Suddenly, Frostbite and the Black Dragon appear, seemingly looking for Spectre.  Black Dragon claims he has sniffed Spectre out, and the villain now known as Blink tells Frostbite and Dragon that he and Glacier are going to leave with the cash.  Spectre begins to battle with Frostbite and the Dragon, only to have them disappear when he strikes at them.  Spectre realizes heís been tricked when the police arrive.  He explains the situation to Lt. Fox and informs her of the illusions via his telepathy.  The next day, Starlight has lunch with Spectre, and asks him to take Brick under his wing.  He agrees and Starlight tells him what she knows of Blink, not knowing anything about Glacier.  She also offers to have a suit of unstable molecules made for him.  That night on patrol, Spectre meets up with Brick and, after the two get to know each other a little,  begins to teach him how to use his powers.