Spectre Issue #11:                           Earthshaker, Plantmistress and Shock Intro
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #11

                While patrolling and trying to expand Brick’s imagination and use of powers, Spectre overhears voices from around the corner.  He hears a voice mention something about making a name for themselves by taking someone out.  Rounding the corner, Spectre is hit by an electrical blast from Shock.  After reeling from the blow, he’s hit again by Earthshaker and Plantmistress.  Having taken some serious damage from the minor-league trio, Spectre orders Brick to retreat.  Brick, however, does not heed Spectre’s command and rushes into the battle, shoulder-charging Plantmistress.  Brick and Spectre combine forces and quickly take out the trio (even though Brick was blasted along with the villains during one of Spectre’s Mind Blow attacks).  While waiting for the police to arrive, the two get into a heated argument regarding Brick’s actions and his disregard for Spectre’s advice.  The two begrudgingly settle their difference, and continue into the night to finish their patrol.