Spectre Issue #12:                            N'astirh Intro; Brick Abducted
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #12

                Spectre sleeps in to help him heal from his injuries and takes some personal time to train.  After receiving a message from Monica (Starlight), he returns her call.  Informing Spectre that his new suit of Unstable Molecules is finished, she drops by his apartment to deliver it.  After some small talk about their alter ego lifestyles, Spectre suggests that the two of them team up for a few patrols some week.  She informs him that she isn’t interested in Spectre anymore, only Morgan.  Monica also tells Spectre of an odd series of crimes dealing with missing people and on-line information theft before she leaves for yet another photo shoot.  Some time later, Spectre meets up with Brick and the two begin to patrol and talk about how Brick can expand his powers.  The two are interrupted as a large techno-organic demon assaults them.  The demon identifies himself as N’astirh, and attacks the heroes.  Brick quickly learns that not only can the demon brush off his strength, but his circuitry can sap the life from him as well.  Spectre using a telekinetic force field, saves Brick and continues the battle.  N’astirh displays several different types of powers, including the nullification of Spectre’s telekinesis.  Just when it seems N’astirh is on the ropes, he manages the sap the life force from Brick, healing himself.  After receiving yet more punishment from Spectre, and with Spectre regaining his telekinesis, N’astirh retreats through a portal, taking the unconscious Brick with him.  Spectre follows and finds himself in a hellish landscape of blood red skies and only a small suspended path holding him up from oblivion.  Spectre notices the circles (discs) of light suspended everywhere and sees N’astirh quite some distance ahead of him on the trail.  Spectre pursues and launches a long distance assault against the demon.  N’astirh responds by destroying the path, forcing Spectre to rely on his telekinesis for flight.  Then N’astirh nullifies all of Spectre’s powers, sending him falling into the oblivion.  As he falls, Spectre passes through one of the circles of light, and due to his hindrance towards light, finds himself blacking out as he falls...