Spectre Issues #13-15:                          One Nation Under Doom...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #13

                Spectre awakens in a small clearing within a lush forest.  The sky is blue and there are white clouds hanging above.  Spectre telekinetically flies above the tree line to get a better view.  Upon doing so, a pair of power-armored patrolmen approach him, asking him to identify himself.  He does so and the pair scan him, revealing that he’s a mutant and listing his powers off to someone else via radio communication.  The patrolmen receive orders to terminate Spectre, and a battle begins.  Spectre quickly dispatches the patrol using his mind blast attack, but not before four reinforcements arrive.  Spectre quickly realizes that these four new attackers are robots.  Unable to use his main powers against them, Spectre relies on his telekinesis to combat them.  Unfortunately, four powerful robots with energy blasts prove to be too powerful for Spectre to take on single-handedly, and after a particularly devastating blast, Spectre uses the last bit of his strength to move himself telekinetically with the blast, blasting him completely away from the battlefield.  The combined force causes Spectre to black out in mid-air.  Upon awakening, Spectre notices an old style schoolhouse not too far from where he landed in the woods.  As he reaches the clearing where the school is, he notices several children are outside saying the pledge of allegiance.  Spectre becomes particularly unnerved when he realizes what kind of pledge the children are reciting, “One Nation, Under DOOM”...


Issue #14

                Spectre decides to investigate the area, and heads towards the local library.  He notices that there are members of the Doom Patrol on just about every street corner, scanning the area and keeping the peace.  Spectre comes upon the library, which is one of the largest buildings in the town.  He cannot enter the library without a pass card, so Spectre uses his telepathy to gain access into the building.  He reads the history of this alternate earth, finding out that Doom killed most of the heroes and took over the U.S. and other major parts of the world.  After discovering a few interesting tidbits, Spectre leaves the library.  He wanders the town for a short while, until he is directed by a Doom Patrol that he needs to go home before curfew.  Spectre tries to leave the town by the same way he entered it, going psionically invisible, but was detected by a Doom Patrol.  After psychic blasting the Doom Patrol, the reinforcement he had called in, a Doom Stalker, appeared in a flash of light.  Spectre attacked her, but he was bested by one shot of her light blast.  As he blacked out, he overheard the Doom Stalker being referred to as Strobe.


Issue #15

                After regaining consciousness in the back of a semi, only to be brought down again by Strobe, Spectre awakens transported to Chicago, where he is interrogated by Strobe, a Doom Psionic, and another Doom Stalker named Bodycount.  After the Doom Psionic verified Spectre’s far-fetched story, Bodycount informed Spectre of his situation; be a Doom Stalker or die.  Apparently, Chicago was extremely undermanned and the local Doom Enforcement were willing to work with Spectre.  After some mild examination and training, he went on patrol with Bodycount, telling him tales of Spectre’s alternate earth.  After investigating a scream coming from an alleyway, the two Doom Stalkers ran into N’astirh, who was hunting for Spectre.  The two battled N’astirh and began to wear him down, so N’astirh created a portal behind for a fast exit.  Realizing that N’astirh was planning to escape, Spectre jumped through the portal, with Bodycount following closely behind.  Reappearing in Limbo, N’astirh walked through the portal as well, ready for the final showdown.