Spectre Issue #16:                            Showdown In Limbo
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #16

                Battling on floating chunks of rocks, Spectre and Bodycount valiantly struggle against a renewed N’astirh in his home dimension.  N’astirh, tiring of constant battle with the heroes, begins preparing a spell to summon a great demon horde.  After losing all his powers to a nullification attack, Spectre notices a large mass of land slowly shifting into reality.  Bodycount attempts to plunge N’astirh into the abyss below by jumping into the abyss and displacing N’astirh and himself.  N’astirh recovers and begins casting again.  Spectre sees a small girl being attacked by three demons on the newly formed mass.  After regaining his powers, he psionically attacks the demons, allowing the girl to run off into the distance.  As the large mass gets closer, the heroes notice a half demon-half girl tied to a stake and about to have her heart pulled out by a larger purple demon.  Spectre psionically blast both N’astirh (disrupting his spell) and the purple demon.  This allows the demon girl to break free and creating a sword of pure energy, she slices through the purple demon.  Appearing behind N’astirh as he attempts to finish the disrupted spell, the demon girl slices him in half as well.  The demon girl introduces herself as the Darkchylde, and as a reward to Spectre for saving her life, she teleports the two back to Spectre’s home world.