Spectre Issues #1-4:       Introduction Storyline
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #1:

                Having detached himself from most outside responsibilities, Morgan Wells has decided to become the superhero known as Spectre.  Working in a bank during the day, taking a four-hour nap when he gets home, and fighting crime after that, Spectre quickly familiarizes himself with New York and its activities.  During one of his patrols, Spectre meets his first super-villain, Strobe, robbing a jewelry store.  After a short battle in which Spectre incapacitated Strobe by using a psychic blast, Spectre turned her over to the local authorities.


Issue #2:

                After hearing that Strobe has escaped from the local police department, Spectre begins to scour the city looking for her.  He eventually finds her robbing the same jewelry store.  This time Strobe strikes first and gains the upper hand.  Using her light-based powers, which Spectre is vulnerable to, she knocks the hero unconscious.  Spectre wakes hanging upside down from a streetlight and half-naked.  He finds a note attached to him from Strobe acknowledging that she knows his identity.  Spectre quickly rushes home to face this dilemma.


Issue #3:

                Morgan begins to learn more about Strobe’s criminal past in order to determine exactly what type of threat that she is.  During the course of this, Strobe begins to check up on Morgan, leaving him little notes stating that she’s watching him.  Because Spectre and Strobe have been making the papers in the past few days, Spider-Man asks the visiting Iceman to keep an eye on the new crime fighter and to find out a little more about him.  Iceman studies Strobe’s agenda and figures that she will hit a diamond expo that is happening during the weekend.  Spectre finds out about the expo and comes to the same conclusion.  During the expo, which both heroes’ are attending in their secret identities, a large costumed man by the name of Brick crashes through the wall.  The hero’s reveal themselves and begin to fight Brick, who is slowly falling back.  During this distraction, Strobe makes her move and steals a large portion of the diamonds on display.  The heroes notice the cries from the vendors and rush after Strobe, who flees to the top of the building.  Strobe is attacked by both heroes, who are also attacking each other due to the uncertainty of intentions.  The two heroes finally realize that they are on the same team and defeat Strobe, who quickly escapes while the two discuss what to do with her.  Frustrated, Spectre returns home and changes, only to have flowers delivered to his door from Strobe and finding Strobe standing in his bedroom...


Issue #4:

                Informing Spectre that he has been triggered powerless, Strobe invites him to a dinner so that they can come to some sort of agreement about her activities.  Spectre agrees and she treats the two of them to an expensive dinner.  Strobe announces that the diamond expo was her last crime, and now that she was wealthy, she would not have to bother him again with her activities.  Spectre implored her to give the diamonds back, turn herself in, serve her time, and then join him if she desired.  She agreed to give one diamond (the largest) back.  But before the two could enjoy the rest of their dinner, they were attacked by the Equalizer, who shot at Morgan with a gun.  The Equalizer was the same man who delivered the flowers to Spectre, and it was he who triggered Spectre powerless.  The Equalizer has decided that Spectre was too much of a threat to live and that Strobe wasn’t doing anything about it.  Strobe tried to attack the Equalizer, but he had already triggered her powerless as well.  Spectre and Strobe began to fight the Equalizer together, before the crowd rioted to get out of the restaurant.  The Equalizer had escaped in the commotion.  Strobe went back into the restaurant to find him, while Spectre went around back.  Spotting the Equalizer, Spectre attacked him and forced him to return his powers to him.  After Spectre regained his powers, he erased his true identity from the Equalizer’s mind.  The police arrived and arrested Strobe for her previous crimes.  Spectre was torn, but decided he should try to save her.  Unfortunately, the police had already taken her away.