Spectre Issues #22-24:                          Running the Gauntlet to Save his Love
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #22

                Spectre awakens to find himself on a large metallic slab, bound by his wrists, ankles, and neck.  He instinctively tries to use his power, but it seems that something is nullifying them.  He scans his surroundings and notices that he in a large room several stories up, probably within a skyscraper.  In the room with him are several gangsters as well as the villains Migraine, Glacier, Blink, Plantmistress, Earthshaker, and Shock.  Next to Spectre, bound in the same fashion, are the unconscious Lightstar and Starlight.  Migraine briefly explains that the Rose is trading the three of them to an alien named Orion for some of his technology.  Next the Rose makes his entrance, and continues the explanation, stating that Spectre’s recent antics have amused him.  Orion’s spacecraft hovers outside the large “cargo” windows that open to allow Orion to enter.  Orion inspects the three heroes, and takes Lightstar and Starlight, not interested in Spectre.  Migraine and Glacier help board the bodies onto Orion’s ship.  When they come out, a small energy bubble appears from Orion’s forehead, and one pops in front of both Migraine and Glacier.  Seemingly under Orion’s control, the two villains begin to bring several boxes of technological weaponry into the room.  With the trade being concluded, Orion takes the villains under his control and boards the ship to “prepare the bodies”.  Meanwhile, the Rose takes a few boxes with him and exits the scene, giving orders to let Spectre free so that he may continue to be amused.  Blink takes leadership of the three inexperienced villains and decides to kill Spectre anyway...


Issue #23

                Suddenly Black Dragon and Frostbite crash through a window and kill the rest of the gangsters in the room.  They declare that they are here for the weapons tech and that no one who opposes them will live.  A battle begins between the two groups of villains and during the battle Frostbite kills Earthshaker by hurling a razor sharp icicle all the way through her back.  The inexperienced villains are shocked that one of their number had died so quickly and suddenly, and while they hesitated, Frostbite hurled five icicles at Spectre, freeing him from his bonds for some unknown reason.  Spectre battles Blink and gets severely wounded by the new energy wristbands that Blink is wearing.  Spectre also has trouble using his psionic attacks due to the headgear the villains acquired from Orion.  After a lengthy battle with Blink where Spectre merely KO’d him with a punch, Frostbite warned Spectre against attacking him, declaring that Spectre needed to get to his friends before it was too late.  As Spectre ran towards the ship, the ship’s auto defenses kicked in and began shooting energy blasts at him.  Dodging the blasts, Spectre manages to fly through the ship’s hatch before it closes fully (the auto-defense system began closing it when it sensed Spectre).  Spectre runs into two guards and quickly dispatches them despite their technology.  He steals their wristbands and continues through the maze of corridors until he runs into two more guards, their scanners making Spectre Psionic Invisibility useless.  Spectre tries to use the alien weaponry, but it doesn’t work for him and after taking a near fatal blast from both guards, Spectre defeats them.  Crawling through the corridors, he hears the voices of Migraine and Glacier looking for him.  He stumbles into a medical area and notices several wounded warriors in healing tubes that are attached to a larger machine.  Spectre places himself inside one of the tubes in hopes to heal himself.  The computer scans him and begins healing him when the door suddenly burst open.  Migraine and Glacier have found the wounded Spectre.


Issue #24

                Smashing the machine hooked up to the medical units, Glacier and Migraine begin to taunt Spectre.  Spectre emerges from the unit and begins to do battle with the duo.  During the course of the battle, Spectre kept trying to overload their Psi-Screen Head Scanners to no avail.  After telekinetically hurling every item in the room at the duo, Spectre pushed his telekinesis to it’s very limits by ripping two of the walls out and smashing his enemies between them in hopes to destroy their technological enhancements.  His gamble paid off, as he finished Glacier and severely crippled Migraine with a Mind Blow attack.  After finishing Migraine with a power punch, Spectre’s adrenaline had run out and his wounds were beginning to catch up with him.  Severely wounded, Spectre continued his quest for Orion and his friends....