Spectre Issue #25:                                       The End is Always Ever True...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #25 (Double Issue)

                After nearly being beaten to a pulp during his last few battles, Spectre now aimlessly wanders through Orionís ship, searching for his friends.  Stumbling upon a six-man patrol squad, they give Spectre the option to surrender and take him to Orion.  Spectre surrenders so that he may try to regain his strength and the guards lead him into Orionís giant throne room after secretly drugging him with a power nullifying solution.  Orionís throne room was straight out of an H.R. Geiger painting, with a two staircases leading to a large throne area, candles, symbols of mysticism, and a large alter with Lightstar lying upon it.  Orion explained that Lightstar was the combination of an old enemy of his who could merge with a living being to amplify his own power, and a common earthling.  Unfortunately for him, the Lightstar alien could not separate from the earthling due to the fact that his body had been destroyed during his crash on earth, and if he were to leave the earthling, he would die.  So the Lightstar entity waits in the humanís psyche, hibernating and biding his time.  Orion continues to explain that he will merge with the alien to gain his power.  This will kill the alien and have an unknown effect on the human.  He then tells Spectre he needs to ďborrowĒ a little of his psychic essence and proceeds to drain some from Spectre.  Orionís creates a psychic blade to perform the ďsurgeryĒ and swiftly inserts it into Lightstarís skull.  Spectre rushes the throne, heads up the stairs and does an acrobatic leaping kick to Orionís face.  Orion tells Spectre that he has only succeeded in harming his friend and uses his newly acquired light powers to blast Spectre into la-la land.

                Waking in a cell, uncertain of how much time has passed, Spectre slowly rises to his feet.  The guard notices this and informs Spectre that there is nothing that Spectre can do as the cell nullifies his powers.  He continued to tell Spectre that the operation was a success as Orion now has full control of Lightstarís powers.  The guard also mentions that Strobe (as he calls her) is now Orionís bride and that Spectre will meet the same fate as Lightstar.  As the guard continues to taunt Spectre a teleportation disc (exactly like the ones from Limbo) appears behind him and the techno-organic Brick emerges from within it.  Spectre calls out to Brick and the guard turns around, only to be absorbed by Brickís techno-organic virus and drained of life.  Brick then destroys the bars to the cell and heads towards Spectre as if to make him his next meal.  Spectre senses an evil about him and dashes around the slow-moving Brick, escaping the cell and heading back to Orion to finish this business once and for all.  Spectre lures Brick after him and rushes past any guards he sees.  These guards are then absorbed by Brick, slowing him down and making less work for Spectre.  Spectre finally zooms ahead and into Orionís throne room, where the altar and ceremonial decorations have been removed and his bride, Strobe, sits next to him in a matching outfit.  Spectre tries to start a battle against Orion, but Orion order Strobe to kill Spectre for him.  Strobe begins to power up an enormous light blast, but does not unleash it.  Instead, torn by Orionís incredible control and her love for Spectre, Strobe turns her light blast on herself, turning herself into light and being completely atomized, only her clothes remaining.  Spectre begins to battle Orion with a renewed vengeance and the whole ship begins to rock with their fury.  During the battle, which is slowly turning in Orionís favor, Brick wanders into the battlefield and attacks both men.  Spectre pushes Orion into Brick, who begins to absorb Orion.  However, Orion in turn begins to absorb Brick as he does, the two ebb and sway around, against, and inside each other.  A glowing red black mist begins to swirl around Brick, and demonic whispers urge him to hurry so that he may have his vengeance upon Spectre.  Orion also begins to glow with an energy, as he uses his own powers and Lightstarís power along with his knowledge of the power cosmic to fight off Brick.  Spectre flees the battle, knowing nothing but evil can emerge triumphant from that encounter and heads back to the dungeon area where he had earlier passed the engine rooms.  Spectre used his telekinesis to wreak havoc on the engine room, attacking it viciously while tearing open a hole in the side of the ship in which to escape.  Spectre escaped all too quickly as he soon realized that he was being sucked into the vacuum of space.  Creating a telekinetic force field around himself to capture what little air he could, Spectre began to slowly descend into the earthís atmosphere.  Carefully controlling his speed as not to destroy his force field, Spectre began to run out of air.  Spectre collapsed as he began to speed through the atmosphere, the friction destroying his force field.  His costume absorbed most of the remaining damage caused by what little re-entry he had left, but the physical punishment he had suffered during his battles and re-entry, combined with his lack of air and the thin air of his height, also including that a good friend was transformed into a horrific creature and his girlfriend had died, took itís toll.  As Spectre fell looking into space, not having the will to fight, he saw the beautifully destructive light of Orionís ship exploding in a grand manner.  Tired, beaten, and done, Spectre wearily closed his eyes as he continued his freefall.  Suddenly, Spectre felt himself being caught by someone or something, wearily laid his head against its chest, and without opening his eyes once, fell asleep.