Spectre Issue #28-29:                            Childhood Friends...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #28:

                After laying low for a few days, Spectre begins to patrol again, as he and Monica have said nothing to each other about the undeniable attraction between the two of them.  Meanwhile, also in Hell’s Kitchen, a new superhero, Nocturne, is investigating a rash of high tech robberies.  While on patrol, Spectre runs into Nocturne and before a battle erupts, the two begin to talk, establishing each other’s intentions.  Spectre turns aggressive towards Nocturne about him operating in Spectre’s territory.  As the argument begins to heat up between the two, Daredevil shows up and tells them that if they want to be that way, that he was here first.  Being the voice of reason, Daredevil reminds them of the incredible amount of crime in Hell’s Kitchen and that there is enough work for the three of them easily.  Daredevil then departs to continue his own business, leaving Spectre and Nocturne alone to talk.  They give each other a basic idea of what the other can do, and decide to check out the high tech robberies together.  Suddenly, an alarm sounds from a warehouse a few blocks away, and the two check it out.  There they see five villains robbing the warehouse and placing the loot into a cargo vehicle.  The duo decides to sneak up on the group of villains to get a closer look at what exactly they are doing.  Spectre stays back, covering Nocturne as he slowly approaches the cargo vehicle.  Mindblock, who seems to be leading the villains, senses Nocturne’s presence and orders Firefox and Shao-Lin to attack.  Spectre recognizes Shao-Lin as his childhood best friend Bobby Chan.  Spectre, using a Psychic Blast, manages to ground Firefox while Nocturne uses a Shadow-Line and grabs her by the head.  Nocturne then yanks the line towards a wall, snapping Firefox’s neck and sending her colliding into the wall with a sickening thud.  Spectre begins to wonder exactly what kind of “hero” this Nocturne guy is...


Issue #29:

                The battle continues as Shao-Lin attacks with fury over what happened to Firefox.  Mindblock and the Bolt also attack.  Fluke uses her bad luck power to temporarily curse Nocturne.  Spectre continues to attack from the shadows, but as Nocturne’s defensive maneuvers bring him closer to Spectre, the Bolt catches Spectre in a whirlwind.  Fluke runs into the warehouse as Shao-Lin and Mindblock both continue to attack Nocturne.  After defending against several of Shao-Lin’s Chi Blasts and Flying Leaps, Nocturne helps Spectre defeat Bolt, and the battle moves to the alleyway where the Bolt had fallen.  Spectre, seeing a lose/lose situation in the continuation of this fight, telepathically contacts Shao-Lin, and reveals himself as Morgan.  Shao-Lin abruptly stops the battle, and Fluke joins them as the Bolt dizzily recovers.  Nocturne, after being told that the battle is over by Spectre, decides to leave by disappearing into a shadow.  Fluke, upon being told of Spectre’s identity, throws her arms around his neck as Spectre realizes that Fluke is actually his first girlfriend, Stephanie.  He had dated Stephanie in the sixth grade and she had been his first kiss.  As police sirens roar in the background, Mindblock, not touched at all by this reunion, informs Shao-Lin that he is leaving and taking care of Firefox.  Shao-Lin tells him to go ahead and to take the Bolt with him.  Leaving the scene, the three old friends go to a nearby rooftop to sort things out.  Apparently, Bobby is dating Stephanie, who seems just as excitable and boy crazy as she was in the sixth grade.  Bobby informs Spectre that Firefox is also from the “old school” and to watch out for Adam (Adam being a bully that the two of them used to team up against to protect their friends).  Spectre tries to find out why they are stealing and to talk them out of it, but Bobby just keeps telling Spectre that he doesn’t understand, and that he can’t tell Spectre what’s going on.  Not totally satisfied, Spectre lets the two of them go, knowing he’ll run into them again.