Spectre Issue #30-31:                            Homecoming...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #30:

                Spectre spends all his free time with his thoughts on the battles that have recently occurred, with his focus being on his old friends and the hero Nocturne.  With those thoughts in mind, he visits the hospital where Firefox is recovering.  Content with the knowledge that she is not dead and may make a full recovery, Morgan leaves without being noticed.  With his thoughts of his past still plaguing him, Spectre decides to call his mother to find out how she has been doing.  He has not seen her since he moved back into the city, but knows that she recently remarried.  After an amiable conversation, Morgan tells his mother that he would like to come and visit her.  Morgan figures that this will also give him an opportunity to look into his past to figure out why Shao-Lin turned to crime.  He offers Monica to join him, but she declines, telling him that she wouldnít feel very comfortable since sheís not 100% certain where the two of them stand.  Morgan bids her farewell, telling her that he loves her, and drives to upstate New York.  Morgan makes his way to his motherís new house, which is more of a rather large estate, security gates and brick walls included.  Morgan enters, parks, and walks around to the front of the house, only to see his mother waiting to greet him.  She kindly takes him in, handing his jacket to the butler, and informs Morgan that his new stepfather has dinner guests.  She invites Morgan to join them and the pair walk into the dining room.  His mother introduces him to his new stepfather, who happens to be a freelance scientific researcher by the name of David Bannon.  His guests are named Geoffrey Lohgig and Dr. Carla Wethers.  Morgan sits down to an exquisite dinner while discussing some very hot topics.  They begin by talking about the physics of light and properties of radiation, with Morgan mentioning that heís living with a girl heís not dating and that heís lost his job.  Morganís mother is very interested in hearing more about this, but tells him that the two of them will talk privately later.  The conversation heats up as the three scientists begin to talk about their views on mutants and what should be done with them.  Morgan gets deeply rooted into this conversation and begins to get angry with Dr. Carla Wethers, who is growing angry and frustrated in return.  Sensing this, David breaks up the conversation, and politely bids his peers a good night.  After making certain that Morgan isnít uncomfortable, David announces that heís going downstairs to his lab to work, and his mother tries to talk about Morganís current situation.  Morgan buys time by going out for a walk, sorting his thoughts and calming himself down.  Morgan explains his situation with Monica, and reassures his mother that nothing bad is going on.  Feeling a heartfelt bond at that very moment, Morgan confesses to his mother that he is a mutant with psionic powers.  However, as he tries to demonstrate his powers, they donít seem to work.  Panicked, Morgan begins exclaiming out loud his worries concerning his lack of powers.  At just that moment, David walks into the room and, hearing Morgan get excited, asks what the two were talking about.  Morganís mother covers for him, and David returns to his lab.  She then tells Morgan to head up to bed, and maybe everything will be fine in the morning.  Morgan showers, tries to use his powers alone, and even goes outside, but to no avail.  He decides to go into his room and call Monica to explain everything to her, but thinks better of it, since heís not quite certain exactly whatís going on.  His mind is scrambling for answers, from being poisoned by the food to super villain involvement.  Frustrated, Morgan decides to look through his old yearbooks to spark any unusual memories.  Thumbing through it with a magnifying glass, he comes across the picture of the bully named Adam, participating in a fundraiser.  He begins to overlook the picture when he notices and odd glare reflected in Adamís eyes.  Upon closer inspection, the glare in his eyes takes the shape of a pair of mushroom clouds....


Issue #31:

                Recovering from his discovery, Morgan remembers that his stepfather mentioned that he was going to do some work in his lab, so he decides to explore the house as well as the lab.  Morgan finds the door leading to the basement and deducts that this must be where his stepfatherís lab is located.  The door is marked private, and when Morgan tries to open it, he discovers that it is locked.  Suddenly, Morgan hears footsteps coming from the other side of the door, and hides around a corner.  He sees his stepfather, David, come out from the door and into the kitchen.  Morgan decides to use this opportunity to explore the lab when he hears David talking on the phone and thinks better of it.  Instead Morgan heads over to the kitchen and begins to eavesdrop on the conversation.  Morgan hears David mentions that Morgan is a mutant and begins to explain what type of powers Morgan may have.  He also mentions that he has studied Morganís family tree and seems surprised that the person on the other end of the phone has met Morgan, without Morganís knowledge.  David mentions a few more comments that incriminate him further, and finishes up his phone conversation.  Morgan quickly heads down into the lab and waits for David.  David, however, goes outside to the front gate to meet the courier that will deliver Davidís research to its mysterious destination.  Morgan, tired of waiting, begins to investigate Davidís lab, until he hears footsteps from the hall above.  Morgan waits behind the door, and when David walks in, Morgan put him in an incredibly painful martial arts hold.  So painful, in fact, that David passes out.  Morgan realizes that heís too used to dealing with villains, and needs to take it a little easier on the humans.  Morgan ties and gags David, then turns the lights out and waits for him to awaken.  When David finally comes to, Morgan begins to interrogate him.  David claims that he works for a high-level government agency on contract and that he does genetic research for them.  He explains how he helped develop the power dampening fields that are commonly used in the government and in his own home.  David says that his lab automatically scans every person who comes through his front door, to regulate any kind of threat against him or his wife.  He continues to tell Morgan that he has a computer system that helps to identify public mutantís secret identities, and through a bit of cross-referencing, he tells Morgan that he knows Morgan is Spectre.  David claims that his actual job is to analyze mutants for the purpose of cataloging them.  The information he receives goes into a high-class government database, which only a few, select, elite people can access.  He defends himself by telling Morgan that it is used so that the government can effectively stop rogue mutants, who may be harming society; to protect normal people, like his mother, from threats they cannot defend against.  David convinces Morgan that everything will be fine as long as Spectre doesnít go on a crime spree so large that the government needs to get involved.  Since Spectre is a hero, both David and Morgan agree that this shouldnít be a problem.  In a gesture of trust, David offers to lower the dampening fields so that Morgan may read his mind, to see if heís telling the truth or not.  Spectre declines, trusting David, and asks David what he meant about the family tree.  David informs Morgan that he always checks the family tree of any mutants he studies, to look for any additional mutations or oddities.  David informs Morgan of an incredibly odd occurrence in his family tree.  It seems that somewhere down the line, a distant cousin of Spectreís was a mutant.  The surprising fact was that it was in the 1800ís.  David has no other information regarding his family tree.  With everything settled, Morgan unties David and goes back upstairs, to bed.

                The next morning, Morgan wakes early and flips through his old letters and pictures.  He remembers that Tracy (Fluke) always had good luck, and funny, embarrassing things always happened to people they didnít like.  Finding nothing else, Morgan goes downstairs to greet David, who tells him that he should go to a nearby park and demonstrate his powers to his mother.  David states that she was expressing concerns about Morgan to him this morning, and he thinks it would be a good idea.  Morgan does as David suggests and demonstrates his abilities to his mother, who is a little freaked, but remains supportive.  He tells her that he uses his powers for good and that heís a super-hero.  She asks him who he is, and he tells her.  She has seen Spectre on TV before and she begins to worry terribly.  Morgan calms her down a bit and takes her home.  He bids farewell to his mother and new stepfather, and leaves for the city.  On the way home, heís listening to news radio and hears that the villain Strobe has robbed a jewelry store.  Morgan rushes home to find Monica cleaning the apartment, knowing nothing of the incident.  Morgan wants to go out as Spectre (it is still daytime) and investigate the Strobe robbery, as well as contact Lt. Fox.  Monica informs him that she imagined his return to her being a little different, and convinces Morgan not to go by leading him into her bedroom.