Spectre Issue #32-33:                            Adam Bomb!!!
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #32:

                Spectre wakes up that night next to Monica, and carefully sneaks out of bed.  He decides to go on patrol, and leaves Monica a note stating that.  Spectre’s patrol is going smoothly until, when Spectre is just about to head home, he spies an explosion in the distance.  Spectre arrives at the scene of the explosion, where something seemingly detonated in an alley.  The walls of the nearby buildings were charred and damaged.  Not too far off, Spectre spotted a man laying face down on the ground, his back blackened and charred.  He rushes over to the man, turns him over, and finds that it is none other than Shao-Lin.  Checking his pulse to make certain he’s not dead, Spectre is relieved to find out he’s very much alive and uses his telepathy to “jolt” Shao-Lin awake.  Shao-Lin quickly begins to explain to Spectre that Adam did come back and took over the group.  It started when Adam approached all of them and began handing everyone shares of money.  Shao-Lin asked why, and it Adam explained it was from a rich man that a few of them had blackmailed.  Shao-Lin waned nothing to do with that kind of activity so Fluke, Shao-Lin’s girlfriend, infected him with bad luck as Adam (now calling himself Adam Bomb) caused Shao-Lin to explode.  Shao-Lin then warns Spectre that while Adam is the front man, he’s not the real leader, Mindblock is still the brains of the operation.  Shao-Lin then created an energy aura around himself and regenerates most of the damage that Adam Bomb had dealt him.  Shao-Lin, feeling that it was time to tell Spectre the truth, began to tell him the whole story.  

                High school was a very strange time for Morgan, Bobby, Stephanie, and the others.  Many of their classmates had committed suicide or died of medical complications, but everyone pretty much wrote it off to being the stereotypical teenage tragedies.  After all, it wasn't an alarming number of people... it just seemed that there was a funeral of some sort every semester.  After graduation Morgan left the rest of the gang to pursue his own future, as did just about everybody else.  Bobby was one of the ones who stayed behind.  He was too deeply rooted into his martial arts training to let college interrupt it.  It was that training that saved him from being just another tragedy.  Shao-Lin continues to explain to Spectre that about a year after graduation, Stephanie discovered that she had mutant abilities.  It seemed unusual for her powers to develop so late in her life (as they usually manifest themselves during puberty), but Bobby was more concerned about her safety and secrecy to worry too much about that at the time.  Shortly after dealing with Stephanie's crisis, Bobby fell violently ill himself.  None of the doctors could determine exactly what was wrong with him, but they all agreed that whatever it may be, it was killing him.  Medical science failing him, Bobby turned towards the mysticism of his martial arts.  By controlling his Chi, Bobby was able to "purify" himself and defeated his sickness.

                Suspicious of the growing number of deaths and mutants emerging from his graduating class, Bobby did some research into the matter. He discovered that almost every student who had died during high school and many of the ones who died afterwards had all attended the same intermediate school.  Looking into the records, Bobby uncovered that during their seventh grade year his entire class was given an additional vaccination at the recommendation of the school board.  The additional vaccination was only given to his class, and was only given that year - no one else in the entire New York public school system received an additional vaccination.  Already having honed his martial arts, Bobby recruited Stephanie and Angela (Fluke and Firefox) and began investigating the powers behind that vaccination.  Their search led them to BioMed Pharmaceuticals, a large pharmaceutical manufacturer.  Going up against a corporation with little proof and no money proved to be a bigger challenge than the three of them had initially thought.  A chance meeting with Mindblock and his protégée (The Bolt) provided them with the extra muscle, leadership, and know-how to make a difference against BioMed.  Mindblock came up with brilliant plans... brilliant and expensive.  Not having much money, Mindblock began to orchestrate small, but highly profitable crimes, to fund their campaign.  The problem was that the more money they brought in, the more they lost sight of the goal.  After a while for most of them, the goal was only an excuse to commit the crimes.  Shao-Lin only recently began to realize that this was Mindblock's plan in the first place.

                Things really went from bad to worse when Nocturne broke Angela's neck.  Without her strong will, Mindblock would have no trouble with anyone else besides Shao-Lin... then Adam showed up.  Shao-Lin also tells Spectre of Adam’s current habits, about how he likes to act like a high roller and how Adam really doesn’t come out at night (because it’s not as easy to show off).  He finishes his explanations off by informing Spectre that Adam has some kind of combustion powers, and causes things to explode just by thinking about them.  With the sun almost coming up and Shao-Lin being exhausted, the two agree to meet outside a bank the next day to plan a course of action.  When Spectre arrives home, Monica is awake and waiting up for him.  She is upset that he slipped out in the middle of the night, and after a small argument, the two go back to bed with nothing resolved.

                Morgan meets Bobby the next day at the arranged spot.  They head to a nearby alley to talk about their plan in more detail.  The two test out Spectre’s Team Link ability and practice a few team attacks on the nearby dumpsters.  Bobby made the suggestion that since Adam has loads of cash burning a hole in his pocket and a new girl to impress, that they should check out a few of Fluke’s favorite shopping places.  Morgan agrees and the two of them head to Fluke’s favorite clothing store and stake the place out.  Sure enough, after an hour or so, Adam and Fluke arrive in his sports convertible with rap music blaring.  Morgan and Bobby watch as the two of them enter, and after quite some time, the see them walk out with several bags.  Adam begins to drive off and Morgan starts to follow them.  The pair follows Adam along a highway for a few miles, until Adam pulls off onto the feeder road.  Morgan exits as well and Bobby instructs Morgan to pull up alongside Adam’s car, as Bobby prepares a chi blast.  Morgan pulls alongside Adam and, when they have Adam’s attention, Bobby lets go with a ferocious chi blast.  The blast hits Adam’s door, goes through the door, and sends Adam airborne out of his car as the rest of the car tumbles off the road, out of control.  Morgan then Psychic Blasts Adam while he is airborne as Morgan brings the car to a screeching halt.  The duo get out and Bobby hits Adam with another chi blast while he’s on the ground.  Fluke jumps out of the wreckage of Adam’s car and tries to protect Adam from any further assault by talking to everyone and trying to calm everyone down.  Morgan warns Fluke to get out of the way, that Adam is too dangerous and he must be stopped.  Adam stands up and approaches the trio, apparently unhurt from the assault.  Unexpectedly, Morgan’s car explodes, as Adam smiles.  Adam then threatens to two and tells them to prepare for the fight of their lives...


Issue #33:

                The fight begins as Spectre and Shao-Lin both attack Adam Bomb individually, to no avail.  Adam seems to concentrate on Shao-Lin by repeatedly attacking him with his combustion attack, but somehow Shao-Lin manages to get back up every time.  Fluke decides to help out her man by attacking Spectre with a blast of bad luck.  After being attacked repeatedly, Shao-Lin stays down for a moment as Adam turns his attention back over to Spectre.  As Adam is attacking Spectre, Shao-Lin begins to launch a series of surprise attacks, and keeps feigning defeat until Adam’s attention is elsewhere.  Despite the cunning of Shao-Lin, Adam manages to get a few good attacks in on Spectre, during which time Fluke makes a dash for Adams smashed up car, which luckily, seems to still be in working order.  As Shao-Lin notices Fluke heading for the car, he summons his energy for a chi blast and demolishes the car, blowing Fluke back in the process.  Fluke, not out of the fight yet, casts bad luck upon Shao-Lin who is immediately blasted again by Adam.  Spectre begins to use a barrage of psychic blasts and telekinetic bolts against Adam, with very little effect.  Spectre’s attack does allow Shao-Lin another surprise attack from behind, but it is Shao-Lin who is surprised as Adam grabs his leg and hurls him towards the freeway.  It becomes apparent to everyone present that Adam is incredibly strong, which explains why Spectre’s telekinetic blasts had no effect on him.  With the aura of bad luck still surrounding Shao-Lin, as he plummets towards the road of the freeway, a speeding car hits him, throwing him along the road and causing considerable damage to both him and the car.  With a last move, Shao-Lin blasts at Spectre with a weak chi blast, not causing Spectre any damage, but pushing him out of the way of the next explosion.  In desperation, Spectre creates his Psi-Sword.  Spectre rushes Adam, and the two begin to fight in close combat.  Spectre kicks Adam in the face with a move he had learned from Shao-Lin when they were kids, then follows up with an attack from his Psi-Sword, finishing Adam off.  Noticing Fluke moving silently away from the battle, Spectre charges her and takes her out with the Psi-Sword as well.  In a final, desperate attack, Fluke curses Spectre once again and after he has run her through with his Psi-Sword, he trips over her limp body (which fell the wrong way) and hits his head on the wreckage of Adam’s car, rendering him unconscious.

                Spectre wakes up in a small patch of trees near the battlefield with Shao-Lin attempting to wake him.  Spectre talks to Shao-Lin as the pair leave the scene, expressing that he thinks they should be a team.  Shao-Lin shoots the idea down, however, claiming that the two of them may butt heads again before this is all over.  Shao-Lin tells Spectre that he will do whatever it takes to destroy the chemical company, and Spectre may have to stop him.  Spectre argues back that he will help Shao-Lin investigate the company, but Shao-Lin refuses, and asks Spectre to cover his back instead by making certain that Adam Bomb and the rest of his gang aren’t going to be any trouble (as they will surely want revenge against Shao-Lin).  Spectre goes home, as it has just turned dark outside, and meets Monica inside.  At first Monica is upset with his priorities, but then calms herself down by claiming that she knew what she was getting into.  The two go to bed, with an uneasy understanding between them.