Spectre Issue #34-35:                            Spectre Loves Jezebel...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #34:

                Morgan heads to the library, intent on creating a science related resume so that he may find a new job.  After spending the day at the library doing different types of research, Morgan heads home to have a romantic dinner with Monica.  After the dinner, Morgan sits down and begins to read the newspaper.  He reads and relays a story dealing with the Strobe crime spree.  Monica begins to worry that Morgan will leave again for the night, and asks him to stay in.  Morgan says that he wants to investigate who’s using her old moniker and wants to go on patrol.  Monica then asks him who’s the dominant person inside of him, Morgan or Spectre.  Morgan comments that they both know the answer as he summons his costume around him.  As he leaves, Monica reminds him that she’s in love with Morgan, not Spectre.

                Spectre begins his patrol by checking out some of the local jewelry stores, in hopes of finding the Strobe copycat.  As he passes one jewelry store, he notices four guys sneaking around the back of the building.  He watches them as they break in and decides to use his Psychic Invisibility to follow them.  He enters the building and witnesses them stealing the valuables, so he knocks one out with a roundhouse kick, still using his Psychic Invisibility.  Unfortunately for Spectre, as the three remaining men watch their friend fall to the ground, they see past his mental illusion and point their guns at him.  Spectre uses his telekinesis to whip the guns from their hands and gets ready to pound on the thugs.  Suddenly, Spectre hears a woman’s voice, and turns around to see a very sexy woman dressed in a green and black costume.  Spectre demands to know who she is, but her only reply is a comment on how ungentlemanly he is for not introducing himself first when dealing with a lady.  Spectre introduces himself to her, as he begins to taunt her.  She uses Pheromones on Spectre, but they seem to have no effect as she introduces herself as Lady Jezebel.  Not giving up, Lady Jezebel continues to use her Pheromones against Spectre, while Spectre continues to unwittingly resist.  Instead of falling under her spell, Spectre uses his Telekinesis to cause everything not bolted down to be hurled at her goons.  With all the remaining goons KO’d, Spectre turns his attention back to Lady Jezebel.  However, due to the strain that his attack caused on him, his resistance begins to weaken as he falls under Lady Jezebel’s spell.  She begins to lay it on thick, as she curls up in Spectre’s arms and Spectre leans down and kisses her.


Issue #35:

                Spectre acts as a watch out as Lady Jezebel continues her crime spree.  Lady Jezebel integrates Spectre into her plans as she leads him back to their hideout.  Over the course of the next week, Spectre continues to act as a lookout for his new-found love, even going so far as to Psychic Blast Lt. Fox one night as she arrives on the scene of their crime.  Spectre is officially labeled an outlaw and a reward is offered by the NYPD.  The first to answer the call for the manhunt is none other than Bodycount, his law-enforcing tendencies still strong within him.  Bodycount catches up with Spectre at the scene of their latest crime, which is yet another jewelry store (all they rob is banks and jewelers).  As soon as Spectre sees Bodycount, he uses his Psychic Blast on him, fearing that Bodycount won’t understand that what he’s doing is for love.  Instinctively, Bodycount whirls around and blasts Spectre with his Doomblaster, which Spectre easily deflects using a telekinetic force field.  Spectre then tells Bodycount to leave, in which he responds to in typical cop fashion and threatens Spectre.  Spectre summons all his strength for a powerful telekinetic blast which takes Bodycount out on the first hit.  As Spectre begins to approach the fallen Bodycount, a flash of light blinds him momentarily as Starlight appears in front of him.  She confronts him about being gone for a week and turning to crime, in which he responds that he’s met someone else and they are deeply in love.  Starlight, hurt and confused, slaps Spectre, but he doesn’t seem to snap out of it.  She hears the jewelry store’s alarm go off and warns Spectre that if he doesn’t stop this crime, that she will.  Spectre asks Starlight to leave, and with much hesitation, she disappears.  Spectre creates a telepathic link to Lady Jezebel to warn her of the incident he just had, but he quickly realizes that Lady Jezebel is under attack!  Rushing to the rescue, Spectre sees Starlight in the store beating everyone up.  The sight of Lady Jezebel under attack infuriates Spectre, and he attacks Starlight with a martial arts kick.  She anticipates his attack, however, by catching his leg and punching Spectre down below.  The blow frazzles Spectre, and he senses that something is deeply wrong, but he is still unable to fight of Lady Jezebel’s control over him.  While Spectre is struggling with his emotions, Starlight finishes the battle by taking Lady Jezebel out, freeing Spectre from her control.  Although free of her control, Spectre still feels like his heart has been ripped in two as he realizes that he might have loved her for real.  Starlight goes over to finish Lady Jezebel off permanently, but Spectre stops her.  Starlight pulls away from Spectre and moves away from everyone, visibly upset while Spectre tries to contact Lt. Fox on her cell phone.  He informs Fox that he has Lady Jezebel, and that he was under her control.  He also suggests that Lt. Fox is certain to bring and all female force to bring her in.  After a short conversation, Fox tells him that he’s still a fugitive, but if he can keep his nose clean, that she can eventually forgive him.  She also warns Spectre no to be there when she gets there, as she’s still pretty upset over being mentally attacked.  Regaining herself, Starlight volunteers to stay with Lady Jezebel until the police arrive.  She asks Spectre if he really loved Lady Jezebel, and before he can answer she tells him that she thinks he can only have relationships with people behind masks, not real people.  She then continues by proclaiming that she loves Morgan, but Morgan is only a shell for Spectre and a shell of a man is not enough to keep her.  Starlight tells Spectre that it’s over between them and that she never wants to see him again.  As Spectre walks away, silently, he never lets her see the tears in his eyes...