Spectre Issue #39:                                 Echoes of Doom
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #39:

                As Spectre heads out on patrol, he hears a whining sound, like something heading for him at a high velocity of speed.  Spectre creates a large forcefield, and before he can do anything else, four Doombots surround him.  The Doombots play a pre-recorded message from Dr. Doom himself, requesting that Spectre visit with him.  Spectre agrees, and the Doombots request that he lower his Force Field.  As Spectre does, they each hit him with a teleportation ray.

                Spectre appears in a chair seated in front of a huge dining table within what seems to be the dining room of a large castle.  As he looks forward, he realizes that Dr. Doom is sitting in the chair across from him.  Doom asks Spectre a few questions, making certain that he is comfortable and well.  Doom then orders a servant to pour Spectre some wine, as he is to join him for dinner.  Spectre is nearly speechless, awed by the legend that is Doom.  As the food arrives, Doom informs Spectre the he came across a man named Bodycount, and learned of an alternate world where Doom reigned supreme.  Bodycount, however, had a very one-sided view of this world, and Doom claims that he invited Spectre here to tell him more of this alternate world.  Dr. Doom also asks Spectre if he can analyze his psychic abilities, offering his knowledge of super-physiology to see if he can help Spectre expand his powers.  Spectre agrees and Doom leaves him to the food and once Spectre finishes, Doom’s servant shows Spectre to his quarters.

                As Spectre wakes up and leaves his room, a pair of Doombots escort him to Doom’s lab.  After a long day of mind probes, tests, and DNA samples, Doom tells Spectre to return to his quarters.  Spectre, feeling utterly drained, agrees.

                The next morning, Doom tells Spectre that his psychic powers could potentially have no limit and that Spectre could have the most powerful mind on the planet, once it’s been trained properly.  Doom claims that he wishes to demonstrate this to Spectre and offers to assist him in learning how to use his psychic powers to affect his own body.  Doom places Spectre in a stasis room, and begins to teach Spectre how to use his psychic powers to heal himself.  Spectre spends what feels like almost three weeks within the chamber.  Once Spectre has mastered this to Doom’s satisfaction, Doom and Spectre leave the stasis chamber, and Spectre discovers that virtually no time has passed while he was in the chamber.

                Doom asks a favor from Spectre, he needs for Spectre to talk to Bodycount for him.  His mind is heavily guarded, and Bodycount doesn’t wish to talk with Doom, believing this Doom to be an imposter of his Doom.  Spectre agrees and convinces Bodycount that Doom is merely this world’s version of him; an alternate Doom that has not yet achieved what Bodycount’s Doom has.  Spectre continues as he suggests the Doom may be able to find Bodycount a way back to his world.  Bodycount reluctantly agrees, and begins to make plans o his own.

                Doom thanks Spectre for his help with Bodycount and assures Spectre that no harm will come to him by Doom’s hand if he stays out of Doom’s business.  Spectre tells him that he respects him, and does not wish to fight against him this day or any other.  The two shake hands and Doom teleports Spectre to his home.  Spectre returns and finds that only a mere 3 days have passed, and decides to test his new power...