Spectre Issue #41-42:                              Looking for A. Bomb...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #41:

Spectre decides to head to the mall as Morgan to do some shopping and check out the bookstore.  Turning around a corner inside the bookstore, Morgan runs into Monica and a young friend of hers.  Monica introduces the girl as Britney.  Morgan asks more about Britney to Monica telepathically, who in turn reveals that Britney is Brickís 14 year old sister.  Striking a conversation with Monica, Morgan tries to reconcile their differences.  Unfortunately, Monica doesn't seem to be interested, taking a few cheap shots at Morgan about their past relationship.  Cutting the conversation short, Monica makes a verbal parting shot to Morgan and leaves with Britney.  Feeling a little down from his run in with Monica, he decides to head down to a bar.  Sitting on the stool and reflecting on his current situation, he realizes that he will always feel out of place as Morgan, because he is more Spectre than Morgan.  He decides to go on patrol as Spectre instead of hanging out in this bar that depresses him even further.

Feeling much better as he goes on patrol, Spectre re-routes his normal routine to allow him to swing by the meeting point he had established with Matrix and Darkwell recently.  He checks to see if either one had shown up there looking for his help, but finds no one.  Shortly thereafter, Spectral catches up with Spectre, and Spectre tells her to follow him.  He takes her to Morganís apartment and begins to reveal his identity.  Spectral stops him before he can take his mask off completely.  She tells him to stop, that she doesnít want to know who he is.  When Spectre inquiries as to why, she responds to him by telling him that it wouldnít be fair since she canít tell him who she is.  Spectre insists that they must have a way to contact each other, so she agrees to set up an e-mail account specifically for that purpose.  Spectral then tells Spectre that Adam Bomb is on the loose, and heís been bullying a lot of the local hoods in the area.  During their conversation, Spectre tries to make a plan with Spectral, and inquires a little more about her powers; what she can do and the nature of them.  Spectral is very vague and doesnít seem to like talk about her powers too much.  Spectral does, however,  reveal that she can change her appearance.  They decide to meet the next day to execute a plan of action against Adam Bomb.  Spectral heads off, while Spectre finishes off his patrol, thwarting a few small crimes.

The next day Spectre and Spectral meet up during the day and commence their search for Adam Bomb.  After a short time, the pair find Adam rolling in a convertible, with him a new girl and a younger boy.  Spectre and Spectral discuss their plan of attack and Spectral changes her appearance to that of a very attractive 18 year old woman.  Spectral then approaches Adamís car at a red light and begins to flirt with him.  Adam invites Spectral into his car much to the new girlís disappointment.  Spectral then leads Adam towards an abandoned field near the docks, so that no innocent bystanders will be hurt.  Spectre flies down closer to spy on the group and summons his Psi-Sword in anticipation.  Spectral hops out of the car and Adam approaches her.  As Adam moves forward, Spectre hits him with a Telekinetic Bolt in the back, causing him to stumble forward.  Everyone turns around to see where the blast came from.  As they do, Spectral reverts back into her costume and blasts Adam, stunning him.  Adamís new girl phases, becoming a shady gray while the kid creates a strange force dome over the battlefield.  Spectre rushes Adam Bomb with his Psi-Sword, taking Adam down.  Spectre then warns the others to leave, that heís only here for Adam.  The girl introduces herself as Shade and begins to banter with Spectre.  Suddenly, as if time were standing still for Spectre, he watches helplessly as Shade drags Adam into the car.  The force dome suddenly vanishes as Shade then proceeds to drive the car away, taking the boy and Adam Bomb with her.  Spectre deduces that the boy must have some kind of time control powers.  While Spectre and Spectral are still coming to terms with what just happened, the force dome suddenly re-appears over them.  Spectre notices Adam running at him with mind-boggling speed and hitting him with two explosions.  Spectre decides to focus his attacks at the kid, who has now come into view, and Psychic Blasts him.  Adam blasts Spectre again, and hits Spectral as well for good measure.  Spectre tries in vain to blast the boy again and while it seemed to harm the boy, it did not take him down.  Adam combusts the air around Spectre one final time, and Spectre falls into unconsciousnessÖ.

Issue #42:

Spectre wakes up trapped in a stasis field of some kind, with no sign of Spectral anywhere.  Before anyone notices that heís awake, Spectre hears the boy and Adam arguing over something.  As Spectre begins to listen more closely, he realizes that they are arguing over him.  Adam keeps asking the boy to either kill Spectre or to age him to the point where he canít defend himself.  The boy angrily refuses and, tired of Adamís pleas, begins to accelerate time around Spectre to allow him to heal.  After a few moments of silence from the boy, Adam realizes what he is doing and uses a combustion attack against the boy.  Infuriated from hearing Adam refer to him as weak and pathetic while trying to convince the boy to kill him, Spectre challenges Adam to a fight where neither of them can use their powers.  Adam gladly accepts the challenge, offering Spectre a few insults before they begin.  Spectre uses the time wisely, as he psionically heals himself while they banter

Adam tells Spectre to hit him with his best shot.  Taking advantage of the first attack, Spectre backhands Adam across the face.  The blow seems to have no effect on him, as Adam gives Spectre a smug smile.  Adam returns the favor by punching Spectre square in the chest, hurling him into a dumpster and knocking the wind out of him.  Spectre looks up with his chest burning with pain, his mind red, and his ribs cracked to see Adam walking away with Shade running to put her arm around his.  Shade begins to compliment Adam and stroke his muscles as he comments to her that Spectre was nothing but a flea to him.  Adam then turns back to Spectre and begins to taunt him.  ďGet back up, punk!Ē

Spectre attempts to heal himself again as he notices Spectral appear with Fluke.  Adam notices the pairs arrival as well, but not before Fluke nails him with a bolt of bad luck.  On that note, Spectre rushes towards Adam once again and the two begin to fight.  Spectreís blows seem to be doing little damage, but Adamís punches and kicks are too slow for Spectre.  Finally, Adam manages to land a punch, but it seems to have no effect.  Spectre simply smiles at the stunned Adam.  Spectre uses this moment to begins healing himself further, as it seems that he just canít keep his wind.  Adam uses the moment to break his word and combusts the air around Spectre.

Spectral yells out at Adam Bomb about his use of powers, but Shade interrupts her.  Shade begins to verbally assault Spectral and in response Spectral fires an energy blast at her.  Shade phases, allowing the energy blast to pass harmlessly through her.  Spectral notices this and points a finger at Shade, shooting what appears to be a different type of energy blast.  The bolt passes through Shade, but seems to harm her regardless, knocking her out.

Meanwhile, Spectre attempts to Mind Bolt Adam, but it seems to have little effect.  Adam punches at Spectre who surprisingly dodges with a back flip and lands on his feet.  Spectre uses his Psychic Invisibility on Adam.  Thinking Spectre has retreated and left the battle, Adam turns on Spectral, attacking her with his combustion power.  Suddenly, Spectre kicks Adam in the back of the head, while Spectral retaliates with an energy blast and Fluke throws some more bad luck on him.  Adam realizes that heís being ganged up on, and tries to talk to them.  He asks Spectre that if heís such a big superhero, then why did he attack him for nothing.  Spectre defends himself, reasoning that since Adam escaped jail, it was his duty to turn him back in.  Adam informs Spectre that he was never put in jail, as he was cleared of all charges.  Spectre tries to stay calm in light of this new information, but he is still fuming from the confrontation of his childhood rival.

Adam offers to feed Spectre information in exchange for them to stop meddling in his affairs.  Adam tells Spectre that an associate of his recently saw Strobe robbing a jewelry store.  He continues saying that she was trying to fence the stolen goods and had spread the word to arrange a meeting with Black Dragon.  Spectre doesnít believe Adam, while Spectral becomes verbally upset that he would even listen to what Adam has to say.  Spectre quickly decides to attempt to read Adamís mind.  He finds that Adam is telling the truth, and decided to give Spectre that particular information due to the initial publicity of his and Strobeís first battles.  Spectral becomes so aggravated with Spectre and the whole situation, that she immediately leaves.  Fluke takes her turn to verbally assault Adam, asking who this Shade girls is and what exactly heís doing with her.  Spectre leaves Adam to get himself out of his own mess, as he heads off to bring Strobe to justice.