Spectre Issue #43:                                  Slaying the Dragon...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #43:

                Spectre changes into Morgan and heads over to Monica’s apartment.  He knocks several times, but receives no answer.  Morgan leaves and heads behind the building to change into Spectre.  As Spectre, he flies up to the balcony and looks in the sliding glass door.  He is shocked to find that the apartment is empty.  Spectre telekinetically unlocks the door and slips inside.  He checks the entire apartment, using Postcognition on each of the rooms.  Throughout the apartment Spectre keeps getting impressions of Brick’s sister Britney.  Deciding that there are no more clues to be found here, Spectre decides to leave.

                As Spectre exits out of Monica’s old apartment, he sees Black Dragon heading towards him.  He tries to use his Psychic Invisibility, but Black Dragon sees right through it.  Black Dragon confronts Spectre rather aggressively and asks where Strobe is.  Spectre tells Dragon he doesn’t know.  Black Dragon then changes the subject and asks Spectre what connection does he and Frostbite have and why does Frostbite always save him.  Spectre again tells Dragon that he doesn’t know.  Black Dragon asks Spectre where Frostbite is and again Spectre comes up empty-handed.  Black Dragon, realizing that Spectre may be just as much in the dark as he is, suggests they talk and exchange information.

                Spectre tells Dragon that Frostbite had once mentioned having a boss, which comes as a surprise to Dragon, who always thought he and Frostbite were a team.  Black Dragon in return tells of how Strobe owes him for the alien technology that she had bought from him, which comes as a shock to Spectre.  Neither of the two can figure out the connections or where the people they’re looking for are, so seemingly out of frustration, Black Dragon attacks Spectre, roughing him up.  Spectre quickly realizes that Dragon isn’t giving him his all, and after Dragon slips his headband off for a moment to allow a quick telepathic communication, he understands that Black Dragon attacked him to lure Frostbite and to see if he will save him.  Black Dragon rips the fire escape from a building and twists it around Spectre, trapping him.  Black Dragon spends a few minutes goading Spectre and taunting him.  Nothing happens.  Bored of this charade, Black Dragon tosses Spectre aside.  Spectre uses his Telekinesis to stop his fall. 

Having had enough of this fake fighting and growing restless himself, Spectre decides to use his Telekinesis to slip the alien headband from Dragon’s head.  Dragon feels the headband move and quickly catches it, securing it back onto his head.  Dragon taunts Spectre and insults him for his treachery as Spectre removes himself from the bonds of the fire escape.  Spectre responds by telling Black Dragon that he can’t just let him walk away free, as he had never paid for his past crimes.  Spectre uses his Telekinesis once again to remove the headband, and is blasted by Black Dragon’s wristbands in return.  Using his Telekinesis to soften his landing, Spectre lets himself fall to the ground, pretending to be knocked unconscious.

Black Dragon, wanting nothing more to do with Spectre, turns to leave – after all, Strobe still owes him money and he intends to collect.  Spectre uses the break to heal himself and then he quietly picks himself off the ground.  Just as Dragon is about to head out the alley, Spectre lands a flying kick into his back.  Black Dragon, more interested in the mystery than this fight, warns Spectre not to attack him again.  He says that after that cheap shot, he owes Spectre, but he won’t collect on him today because of the truce between the two.  He continues to tell Spectre that if he finds anything out, he’ll let Spectre know and asks the same of him.

Just as Spectre is about to respond, he notices Spectral on the rooftop behind Dragon.  Spectral keeps motioning for Spectre to attack Dragon, so Spectre obliges her by trying to kick him.  The Dragon parries Spectre’s attack, but as he does Spectral blasts at his headband, destroying it and apparently harming Dragon in the process.  Black Dragon claws Spectre viciously in the chest, tearing his costume and flesh.  Spectral attacks with her energy blasts as Spectre catches his wind from that last attack and summons his Psi-Sword.  The two heroes double-team the Black Dragon who attacks the both of them more and more like a caged animal.  Spectre manages to keep himself safe with skillful attacks with his Psi-Sword and his personal Force Field, while Spectral keeps him off balance with well-timed energy attacks.

Although the two are giving it their all, the Dragon doesn’t seem to be going down.  His agility and brute strength serve him well – it’s only when he realizes that Spectral is using the same alien wristbands as him that he lets his concentration go and is overpowered by the duo.  Spectre stands over his fallen foe and tells Spectral to stay right here, he’ll be back right after he drops Black Dragon off to jail.