Spectre Issue #44:                                  Personal Affairs...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #44:

                Spectre drops the defeated Black Dragon off at the police station.  Lt. Fox observes as Spectre hands him over and then approaches her.  He asks her if she trusts him again.  Her reply is that she doesn’t really trust him yet, but putting Black Dragon away is a good start.

                Returning to the rooftop where he left Spectral, Spectre leads her into the alley and speaks to her about identity and trust.  He tries to coerce Spectral into revealing her identity by saying that it’s hard for him to trust her if she won’t trust him enough to reveal her true face.  Spectral stands her ground in regards to her secrecy, but does agree to give Spectre a way to contact her.  As she hands him a small piece of paper with an e-mail address on it, Spectre, not wanting to push too hard too soon, drops the subject.  After the two agree to meet up the next night to go on patrol together, Spectral says farewell to Spectre and heads out of the alley to leave.  Spectre waits a few moments after Spectral has rounded the corner in hopes of following her, but when he rounds the corner he can find no sign of her.  Spectre finishes his patrol and quietly heads home.

                That next night, Spectre waits for Spectral at their designated meeting spot.  Having time to think, Spectre tries to figure out who Spectral could be.  Her inexperience and enthusiasm lead him to believe she’s probably in her teens.  She can pass through solid objects; Phasing.  The ability to Phase through objects is related closely with Density-based powers.  It’s this line of thinking that causes him to suspect that Spectral is indeed Brick’s little sister, Britney.  As he is lost in thought relating Brick’s Density-based powers to the few clues he’s ascertained from Spectral, she arrives onto the rooftop.  Spectre begins telling her the full story of what happened to Brick, how she doesn’t have to try to fill his shoes, and she should develop her own individual identity.  Spectral begins to realize the he thinks she’s Brick’s sister.  Getting angry that Spectre can’t let the subject go, Spectral tells him to either drop it or drop her.  Spectre backs off yet again and the two go out for a tense, uncomfortable night on patrol.  Fortunately, Spectre spots a pair of muggers to take his frustrations out on.

                The next day Morgan is awakened by a telephone call.  The unfamiliar male voice on the other end asks for Morgan.  When Morgan identifies himself, the caller introduces himself as Jacob Evans – Morgan’s father.  Morgan wonders why his father is making contact with him after all this time.  Apparently, Jacob just wanted to make certain that Morgan was safe.  Intrigued by this mysterious phone call from out of the blue, Morgan asks to meet with his father only to be rushed off the phone and quickly hung up on.  Deciding to investigate this further, Morgan finds his father’s address in the telephone book and heads over to visit him.

                Morgan knocks on the door to his father’s house and is greeted by an attractive, middle-aged woman who introduces herself as Mary Evans; Jacob Evan’s wife.  She assumes Morgan is an investigator with news on her abducted daughter, Becca.  Morgan decides to play along and begins to ask questions about the family.  After a few questions that seem unrelated to her daughter’s disappearance, Mary gets suspicious of Morgan and begins to question him in turn.  Morgan realizes that his ruse isn’t fooling her any longer and reveals himself and his intentions to her.  As Morgan continues to ask questions, Mary becomes angry with him in her already rocky emotional state and demands that he leave.  Abiding by her demands, Morgan waits a few houses down for his father to come home.  As he sees his father pull into his driveway, Morgan rushes over to him and identifies himself to him.  His father is glad to see him, but expresses to his son that he has a new family now, and he can’t risk Morgan disrupting that balance.  He also tells Morgan the reason he called was because his daughter had been kidnapped and he wanted to make sure that his son was safe.  Morgan convinces his father to let him help and begins to mentally scan his father for information.  After confirming that his father is telling him the truth and isn’t a mutant himself, Morgan convinces him to let him search Becca’s room for clues.  Receiving nasty looks from Mary, Morgan heads into Becca’s room and uses his Postcognition, but unfortunately nothing useful turns up.  Instead, Morgan takes a few photographs of her room and begins to leave.  Jacob stops him at the door, thanks him for looking into the abduction, and tells him he’s sorry for his earlier comment about not being able to risk Morgan disrupting the balance.  Morgan shuns his father’s apology and leaves.

                Heading out as Spectre that night, he meets with Spectral before going on patrol.  Spectre informs her that tonight’s mission is to look after a missing girl.  Spectral questions him, remarking there are hundreds of missing children, what makes this one so special that he would take notice and search exclusively for her?  Spectre snaps at her, telling her that it’s a personal affair and it shouldn’t matter – the only thing that should matter is getting an abducted child safely home.  Her feelings a little hurt, Spectral mutters that she has her secrets, so he doesn’t have to tell her anything if he doesn’t want to.  Spectre uses this opportunity to talk to her once again of trust and identity, telling her that they would work much better as a team if he knew exactly who she was.  Spectral gets mad and upset that he’s bringing up the subject for the third time in as many days.  She tells him that she’s saved his life and has been a key factor in many of his recent victories, and if that’s not enough for him, he can find a new partner.  She storms off telling him this is one mission he’ll have to handle by himself…