Spectre Issue #45:                                  Vengeance?!?
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #45:

                After a fruitless night of searching for his half-sister Becca, Morgan wakes up that next evening with the villainous mercenary known as Vengeance standing over him.  Vengeance puts a sword to Morgan’s throat and says that Morgan needs to come with him.  Morgan notices the headband that Vengeance is wearing and decides it might be better to play along for a little while.  After all, Morgan figures Vengeance only fights for cash, so it might be beneficial to find out who’s paying him.

                Vengeance motions over to some chains, which are lying on the floor, and tells Morgan to shackle himself.  When Morgan refuses, Vengeance becomes agitated and threatens him.  Vengeance tells him to put the chains on before he makes him.  As Morgan hesitates, Vengeance steals his Telekinesis and uses it to bring the chains over to the bed.  Morgan knocks the sword away from his throat and swiftly rolls out of his bed.  Vengeance blasts him with a Draining Bolt, sapping Morgan’s energy.  Morgan quickly tries to grapples Vengeance’s sword arm, but Vengeance easily parries his attack.  As Vengeance saps more of Morgan’s energy with another Draining Bolt, he notices Morgan concentrating and gaining his strength back.  Morgan makes a desperate grab for the headband to no avail.  With his opponent in close range, Vengeance decides to punch Morgan instead but misses as Morgan manages to backflip out of the way.  Morgan suddenly notices his Telekinesis is returning and strikes Vengeance in the head with a powerful Telekinetic Bolt, shattering the headband.  Vengeance quickly recovers by hitting Morgan with a Draining Bolt and as Morgan tries to heal the damage done to him, Vengeance strikes him again, rendering him unconscious.

                With the sun having just set, Spectral realizes how bad she left things last night and heads over to Morgan’s to apologize.  As she nears his apartment building, she sees Vengeance carrying him through the door and onto the roof.  Spectral lets Vengeance travel a good distance before she lets loose with her energy blasts.  Catching Vengeance totally off guard, he drops Morgan and falls to the ground.  Spectral runs over to Morgan to make certain he’s okay while Vengeance quietly slips away.  Prompted by Spectral’s continuous attempts to rouse him, Morgan groggily wakes up.  After the two compare notes as to what just took place, Morgan apologizes to Spectral about last night.  He tells her that he was pushing too hard and was letting his paranoia get to him.  Spectral apologizes as well and tells him that she’s just not quite ready to reveal herself to anyone, but when she does she assures him he’ll be the first to know.  Spectral informs him that it won’t be long before she’s ready, but if he trusts her it may happen sooner.  Morgan tells her to take all the time she needs.  He also lets her know that he needs her, to which her only reply is that she already knows…