Spectre Issue #46:                                       Cold Comfort...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #46:

                After the taxing battle Morgan had with Vengeance, Spectral leads him to an abandoned warehouse to rest and let some of the heat die down.  After healing up and sleeping the rest of the night in safety, Morgan decides he should go back to his apartment to check it out.  Spectral insists on accompanying him, and changes her appearance to that of an average woman.  As the pair walk down the hall and to his apartment, Morgan notices that his neighbor’s door has been left slightly ajar.  Curious, Morgan taps the door gently and is shocked to discover his neighbor sitting in his recliner with a large hole in his chest and blood splattered everywhere.  Morgan cautiously enters the apartment and notices a few large puddles of water on the floor.  Changing momentum, Morgan quickly leaves his neighbor’s place to check his own apartment.  As he opens the door, he sees Frostbite sitting in a chair in front of the door, facing him.

                Morgan yells for Spectral to leave, and after a small protest, she abides by his wishes.  Frostbite looks up at Morgan and remarks on how Vengeance failed.  He conveys to Morgan that if he and Vengeance ever cross paths again, he will pay for his failure.  Frostbite continues to taunt Morgan by telling him how easy it would’ve been for him to kill Morgan.  Noticing Morgan’s frustration growing, Frostbite keeps pushing his buttons by elaborating on how he killed his neighbor, how easy it was, and as he held him down, how his chest begged to be punctured.  He talks of innocence and morals, and how anyone who crosses his path will end up dead.  He relays to Morgan a story about a young mutant who was trying to be a hero, and how he cut him down, killing him before his prime.

                Morgan, disgusted by Frostbite’s taunts, challenges Frostbite to kill him as easily.  As he finishes his sentence, Morgan attempts to shatter Frostbite by slamming the villain in the chest with a powerful Telekinetic blast.  Unfortunately, Frostbite’s ice form is highly resistant to damage, and Morgan’s attack has almost no effect.  Frostbite retaliates by creating a large icicle in his hand and hurling it through Morgan’s leg, crippling him.  Morgan grits his teeth as he pulls the icicle out of his leg, slowly healing himself as he does so.  Frostbite laughs and lets Morgan know that he and his boss knew of his new healing ability.  Frostbite stands back and allows Morgan to heal himself.  Morgan questions why his nemesis hasn’t tried to kill him yet and Frostbite replies that with his new ability, Frostbite can dish out more pain and the battle will last longer, giving him more of a workout.  Looking up at his nemesis, Morgan notices the gleam in his eye, and realizes that Frostbite truly enjoys toying with his prey.

While Morgan is healing himself, Spectral emerges from his bedroom and blasts Frostbite from behind with her energy blasts.  Frostbite stumbles forward a bit, then in one smooth motion creates a large dagger of ice, spins around, and hurls it towards her chest.  As the icicle passes harmlessly through her thanks to her Phasing ability, Morgan concentrates on creating his Psi-sword.  Spectral retaliates by blasting Frostbite again with her energy blasts. Effortlessly shrugging off Spectral’s attack, Frostbite creates an ice dome around Morgan, trapping him.  Using his Telekinesis, Morgan breaks out just in time to see Frostbite pull out an unusual gun.  Panicking as she notices the strange weapon, Spectral retreats and darts back into the bedroom.  While Frostbite’s back is turned and attention focused elsewhere, Morgan slashes him with his Psi-sword.  Frostbite laughs as Morgan’s attack has no effect on him and quickly creates large icicles that hang down from the ceiling above Morgan.  Raising his force field just as Frostbite drops them from the ceiling, Morgan manages to deflect the icicles that were hanging above him as the rest of them crash through the floor.  With screams rising up from the apartment below, Morgan verbally assaults Frostbite, telling him he’s sick and should be killed for all his crimes.  Moving forward to avenge all of Frostbite’s victims, the floor gives way and Morgan falls through to the apartment below.  Using his Telekinesis to slow his descent, Morgan notices a mother and her two children lying dead, killed by the attack meant for him.  Rage building from within, Morgan instinctively heals and flies back through the ceiling and into his own apartment with great fury.

With no sign of Frostbite in his living room, Morgan notices his bedroom door has been closed.  Kicking the door in, Morgan witnesses Spectral on her knees and Frostbite pulling her up by her hair with one hand and holding a razor sharp icicle against her exposed throat with the other.  Frostbite exclaims, “Maybe you’ll die this time, bitch!” and thrusts the icicle towards her throat.  Morgan screams “Wait!” as he uses his Telekinesis to shatter the icicle just as it reaches her throat, inflicting her with only minor cuts.  Frostbite glares at Morgan for thwarting his killing blow, extends the ice on his fingers to razor sharp blades and slices Spectral’s throat.

Spectral unleashes one final energy blast at Frostbite as she falls forward in her own blood.  Morgan begins to relentlessly attack Frostbite with his Psi-sword and Telekinesis as Frostbite continues to shrug off his attacks.  Frostbite, on the other hand, seems intent on capturing Morgan rather than simply killing him and tries to both encase him in ice and blast him with the nullifier gun.  Morgan notices that underneath the ice armor, Frostbite is wearing one of those strange headbands that protect its wearers against psychic attacks.  Attempting to use his Telekinesis to crack the ice armor and remove the headband, Morgan is taken aback as Frostbite suddenly clutches his head in pain.  Frostbite tells Morgan that he’s lucky his boss wants him alive as he jumps out the bedroom window, turning to water as he lands and escaping down a sewer drain.

Rushing over to Spectral, Morgan is both surprised and hurt as she yells at him not to touch her.  Curling up in a fetal position, she hides her face from Morgan.  He notices that a few of her physical features seemed to have changed, most notably her hair color.  Composing herself, Spectral refuses to let Morgan help her and quickly rushes out of the apartment on foot, not letting Morgan get a good look at her.  Morgan collapses, realizing that he is alone, his neighbors have been murdered, Frostbite has escaped yet again, his apartment is scarred from the battle, and he truly has no idea of what is really going on.