Spectre Issue #47:                                       Amidst an Army of Me...
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #47:

                The next day, Spectre e-mails Spectral with a message for her to meet him.  He wants to make certain she’s okay, blaming himself for letting Frostbite do whatever it was that he did to her.  Winding down from his guilt session, Spectre spends the rest of the day training.  His anger pushing him to dangerous levels within himself, he backs off and concentrates on improving his defensive techniques.

                Heading out on patrol early, Spectre decides to spend his extra time on searching for Becca and begins to re-trace his steps.  He tries intimidating local snitches for information, to see if anyone has seen her, but no luck.  After bullying a few local thugs in an alley, he spots movement out of the corner of his eye and swiftly turns around.  Dismay shows apparent on the young hero’s face as he sees himself walking forward.  This false Spectre motions for the original to follow him, but Morgan stays put.  Trying to quickly scan the imposter’s mind and being turned away by its telepathic defenses, Spectre asks his duplicate to remove his mask while summoning his Psi-Sword.  The mask seemingly moves of its own force (or perhaps by the force of Telekinesis) to reveal Morgan’s own face.  Awed, Spectre challenges his doppelganger to create a Psi-Sword, which it provides effortlessly.

                Spectre notices just in time that his duplicate was hiding and is now wielding power-dampening chains like Vengeance used on him as he manages to erect a force field to deflect the chains as they strike.  Sensing movement from behind, Spectre turns within the safety of his own force field only to see another doppelganger emerge wielding a Psi-Sword.  Both replicas lung at Spectre with their psychic weapons as he skillfully, yet narrowly dodges them, retaliating against the first with a Telekinetic blast that knocks it through the wall and out cold.  The remaining Spectre double tries the same Telekinetic blast move against Morgan, only to have him yet again evade the strike.  As Spectre recovers from his dodge and readies himself to mount his next attack, the doppelganger speaks. 

He pleads with Spectre not to fight, that he merely wants to lead him to his boss.  Spectre agrees on the condition that he doesn’t have to wear the power-dampening manacles.  Regretfully, the clone informs him that the manacles are a requirement.  Spectre uses the moment of parlay to launch an all-out attack, which is dodged with the same skill he had demonstrated himself mere moments ago.  Retaliating quickly, the duplicate lands a mind bolt against the frustrated hero.  Trying to recover quickly using his Psychic Healing, Spectre is mentally assaulted by a third duplicate.  The pair continues to psychically bash Spectre, battering him with Mind Bolts while he instinctively parries their Psi-Swords.  Even as a fourth duplicate appears Spectre shows no sign of stopping and cannonballs towards the three of them, landing a hard punch against one of their faces.

With lightning fast speed Spectre feels himself being yanked out of combat by his collar.  In a mere instant he finds himself miles away from the battle.  Spectral releases him and the two hover in mid-air.  Spectre, still not fully trusting of her, questions her about how she knew which one was him.  She responds simply that he was the one all the others were after… he had to be the real deal.  Almost angry, Spectre relates to her as calmly as he is able that the fight below was his.  They were his problem and he was going to handle them alone.  Reluctantly, she swallows her protests and hands him a set of the wristbands and headband that he’s seen so often lately, “You may need these”.  Spectre quickly puts them on to protect him from their mental attacks as he tells Spectral to keep searching for Becca while he finishes up with his doppelgangers.  By the time the last word passes his lips she has already flown into the distance.

Looking to return to the battle, Spectre turns around to leave and notices the duplicates (numbers two, three, and four since number one was presumably still unconscious in the alley below) flying towards him in the distance.  With renewed energy and vigor, Spectre surrounds himself with a Telekinetic force field and flies to greet his enemy.  As they approach he decides to try out his new toys and blasts one of the doppelgangers with an energy bolt from the wristband.  In one hit the false Spectre falls out of the air and into unconsciousness.  The remaining duplicates attack Spectre with Mind Bolts and are confused when their assault has no effect.  Spectre notices that from his far right a fifth duplicate has appeared.  Wasting no time, he uses the wristbands once again to start blasting away at the pair of duplicates who are still advancing.  Taking damage but staying in the fight, the combatants move into close combat range with their Psi-Swords drawn.  Striking with their Psi-Swords, the doppelgangers find they are having little effect on Spectre, while he in turn continues to blast at them in close range, knocking the third duplicate out of the fight with his ferocity.  The remaining pair of clones batter at his force field with their Telekinesis and after a few blasts Spectre’s field shatters.

Now vulnerable to physical attack, Spectre begins to feel the pressure brought to him by the remaining duplicates.  He only allows a few blows to land on him before he erects his force field once more – but the toll of the battle is beginning to wear on him heavily.  Pressing forward with the energy blasts, Spectre begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel as the fourth doppelganger falls from the sky.  Taking his opening, the last duplicate charges Spectre, trying to wrest the energy bands from him.  The battered hero manages to kick the clone off of him, but notices it did manage to steal one of his wristbands.  Falling towards the ground, the duplicate slips the wristband on and fires a blast back at Spectre who immediately dons another fore field to deflect the blast.  Unfortunately for him, the blast punches right through the Telekinetic field and into Spectre, knocking the wind right out of him.  The adversary takes advantage of our hero’s situation once again as he flies up past the stunned Spectre and removes his headband.  Spectre recovers to see his smirking clone lower the headband onto his head.  Realizing that if his enemy were to don the headband the fight would be over, Spectre all out assaults him with both the energy blasts and his own Mind Bolts.  The effort nearly drains him as he pushes himself past the limits of his endurance, but the gamble pays off and the last duplicate’s eyes roll backwards as he falls from the sky.

Letting out a sigh of relief as he lowers himself back into the alley, Spectre is suddenly swarmed by more duplicates of himself and falls under the barrage of their fists and mental attacks.  He blacks out, his last vision being that of several sinister reflections looking back at him.