Spectre Issues #5-6:              Abduction Storyline
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #5:

                After hearing the news that authorities believed it was Iceman who broke Strobe out of jail just hours before she was to be shipped to the Vault, Spectre decided to go on patrol in hopes of running into one of them.  After a few hours, Spectre spotted several men unloading cargo from several different ships into three trucks.  Upon closer inspection, it seemed that it was Iceman who was the ringleader of this operation.  Spectre approached Iceman only to discover it was a villainous mercenary who named himself Frostbite.  After a hard fought battle, in which Spectre had barely defeated Frostbite, Spectre was struck down by Strobe.  Spectre awoke in an interrogation room a day later, in which Frostbite revealed that he had rescued Strobe, and that she was running this operation to pay him back.  He then told Spectre that she had kept Frostbite from killing him, so she owed him another favor.  Frostbite turned on Strobe and told Spectre that he was to deliver the cargo out of New York and up to Canada, or he would kill Strobe.  Spectre reluctantly agreed.  Frostbite also warned him that Spider-Man and Daredevil had both been snooping around the operation at different stages and to be wary of them; any resistance would result in Strobe’s death.  Spectre knew he was being watched as he drove through New York, but was pretty certain that no one else would interfere.  He was glad when they left New York city, that was until webbing covered the front windshield...


Issue #6:

                As Spectre stopped the truck and looked outside, he saw Spider-Man relaxed halfway up a telephone pole.  The suburbs being the last place Spectre thought he would see Spidey; the two of them began to fight.  During the fight, Spider-Man rolled all three trucks on their side.  Spider-Man defeated Spectre, and as he was tying him to the telephone pole, Spectre explained that Strobe’s life hung in the balance, and that this battle has jeopardized her existence.  After the explanation, Spidey and Spectre rushed back to the warehouse to make certain no harm had come to Strobe.  When the two heroes arrived, they found the warehouse empty except for Strobe tied to a chair and a pile of dead bodies behind her.  Meanwhile, back where the trucks were, an ominous shadow ordered six men to right the trucks and drive them away.  Establishing mental contact with Strobe, Spectre learned that she had a power neutralizer on her arm, and that if they disturbed the pressure plate under the chair, the warehouse would blow up.  Spidey told Spectre to find Frostbite while he removed the neutralizer via webbing, allowing Strobe to phase through the blast.  All Spectre found was a trail of dead bodies, but no sign of Frostbite.  After Strobe was saved and Spider-Man went on his way, Strobe informed Spectre that she was going back to Nebraska to visit her parents and find herself.  Strobe assured him that if he saw her again, they would be on the same side.