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Issue #7

                Morgan continued with his life after the last few weeks had left him shaken.  He noticed the exploits of a hero named Lightstar, who seemed to be basking in the media glory of being a hero.  Spouting phrases to children like “eat your vitamins” and “do your homework”, Lightstar was obviously marketing himself as the next hot thing.  While working at the bank, Morgan got an up-close look at Lightstar, as he and his agent came in to open a new business account.  Noticing Lightstar’s flamboyant mannerisms and eagerness to pose for a picture, Spectre instantly disliked him.  Later that evening, the two met up while on patrol.  Not getting along at first, the two came to an uneasy truce and each went on their way.  While talking on the phone to Monica (Strobe), Morgan was trying to find a way to allow Strobe to return as a heroine, rather than being hunted for her past crimes.  He proposed the idea of her doing something similar to Lightstar, becoming a public icon, that way she was sure to be accepted, even if the truth slipped out about her past identity.  Spectre met Lightstar the next night and brought the idea up to him and his agent.  His agent, Larry, loved the idea and the next night the four of them met.  After the meeting, the three heroes were on their way home when they encountered a large, black, winged creature calling himself Black Dragon.  He was escorting several trucks to a warehouse.  Upon investigating the situation, the three realized that Black Dragon and his men were trafficking drugs.  A fight erupted, and Lightstar called his agent.  Soon, reporters and cameramen were there filming the whole event.  Black Dragon used this to his advantage and had his henchmen attack the media vans with their sub-machineguns.  When defeat looking imminent, Black Dragon quickly retreated.  Lightstar tried to show Spectre off to the hungry media, but Spectre was foul-tempered to the mockery of his costumed ego and lashed out at the film equipment.  Strobe said goodbye to Spectre, as she was leaving with Lightstar to pursue her new career.  Spectre thought he heard the two discussing commercial revenues as they left.