Spectre Issues #8-9:                          Stresspoint Intro
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Issue Synopsis:

Issue #8

                After hearing about a gang slaying that left ten gang members dead, Spectre decides to investigate.  After talking to Lt. Fox of the NYPD, Spectre discovers that there have been a few other minor slayings of muggers that are believed to be linked.  The killer usually kills with guns (sometimes a knife wound or two) and leaves a small piece of origami at each crime scene.  Spectre decides to go on patrol and looks to bust a neighborhood crack house.  As he surveys the area, he sees two men approaching the crack house die from silent gunshot wounds.  Using his telepathic abilities, Spectre locates the vigilante killer, Stresspoint, in a run-down apartment building.  The two banter, and Stresspoint leaves the conversation to finish up in the crack house.  Spectre follows and the two begin a heated battle.  During the battle, Spectre notices Black Dragon flying towards the crack house.  Turning his attention from Stresspoint to Black Dragon, Spectre attacks.  While Spectre’s back is turned from him, Stresspoint shoots Spectre in the air.  Spectre falls to the ground bloody, broken, and unmoving...


Issue #9

                Shocked, yet pleased to see these events unfold, Black Dragon asks Stresspoint if he’d like a job.  Stresspoint attacks Black Dragon, and another fight erupts.  During their fight, Spectre slowly awakens, and weakly joins the battle.  During the fight, Stresspoint reveals that he has powers.  As Black Dragon strikes down Stresspoint, several passing college kids recognize Spectre and decide to help by moving Stresspoint’s body out of the fray.  As they begin to move him, one is stabbed in the chest by a large icicle.  Frostbite walks around the corner and announces that he is Black Dragon’s partner.  The small crowd that formed is now running in fear as Frostbite walks through them, killing all in his way.  Stresspoint awakens to witness Frostbite’s savagery, and returns into the fight.  As things begin to look desperate, a laser blast strikes Black Dragon from the sky.  A newly costumed Strobe joins the fight with a new name for the new costume.  She announces her new name to combatants as Starlight.  With Starlight’s help, the heroes defeat Black Dragon, but Frostbite gets away by turning into water and being absorbed into the ground.  Starlight breaks up the fight reforming between Spectre and Stresspoint, cleans up the media, and takes Spectre home.  She attends his wounds, thanks him for his support, and leaves to return to Lightstar.  Morgan realizes that she may have been right when she said he should take a week off to heal...