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Issues #1-4: Introduction Storyline                                     Highlights:      Introduces Spectre as a new hero and his struggles with Strobe.

Issues #5-6: Abduction Storyline                              Highlights:      Introduces Frostbite as a ruthless villain and Spectre meets Spider-Man.

Issue #7: Lightstar Intro                                         Highlights:      Introduces Lightstar (the glory-hungry hero) and Black Dragon, as well as Strobe leaving to become a super-heroine.

Issues #8-9: Stresspoint Intro                                     Highlights:      Introduces Stresspoint, a deadly vigilante, as well as some unfinished business.

Issue #10: Glacier and Blink Intro                                Highlights:      Introduces Glacier and Blink, an unlikely super-villain combination.

Issue #11: Earthshaker, Plantmistress, and Shock Intro  Highlights:      Introduces Earthshaker, Plantmistress, and Shock, as well as stirring up some dissention between Brick and Spectre.

Issue #12: N’astirh Intro; Brick Abducted                   Highlights:      Introduces N’astirh, a techno-organic demon from Limbo, as well as landing Spectre in a hell of sorts.

Issues #13-15: One Nation Under Doom...                 Highlights:      Spectre lands himself in an alternate earth totally governed by the iron fist of Victor Von Doom.  Introduces Bodycount.

Issue #16: Showdown in Limbo                                   Highlights:      Spectre and Bodycount battle N’astirh in the wastelands of Limbo.  Return of the Darkchylde.

Issues #17-21: The Search for Lightstar and Starlight...  Highlights:      Spectre searches for the missing Starlight and Lightstar, and uncovers the Rose’s secret plans.

Issues #22-24: Running the Gauntlet to Save His Love  Highlights:      Spectre is captured by the Rose and discovers the entire truth about Orion and his plan to destroy Lightstar and Starlight.

Issue #25: The End is Always Ever True...              Highlights:      The final showdown between Orion and Spectre, and the fate of Spectre’s friends hang in the balance.

Issues #26-27: X-Men!!!                                               Highlights:      Spectre heals up from his injuries, moves in with Strobe, and saves the X-Men from Black Tom and the Juggernaut.

Issues #28-29: Childhood Friends ...                            Highlights:      Introduces Nocturne with a cameo by Daredevil as Spectre battles friends from his past, uncovering their dark secrets.

Guest Appearance - Nocturne #3                                Highlights:      Spectre assists his new ally Nocturne against a deadly new drug ring.

Issues #30-31: Homecoming                                       Highlights:      Spectre travels to his mother’s new home to meet his new stepfather and to learn (as well as reveal) a few secrets from his past.

Issues #32-33: Adam Bomb!                                     Highlights:      Spectre returns to NY and teams up with his childhood friend, Shao-Lin to stop the evils of their past, known as Adam Bomb.

Issues #34-35: Spectre Loves Jezebel...                  Highlights:      Spectre tangles with the Lady Jezebel and finds himself totally at her beck and call.  Monica decides to end their relationship.

Issues #36-38: Elemental Fury                                   Highlights:      Spectre battles the terrorist villain group known as the Elementals as well as discovering his new sidekick, Spectral.

Issue #39: Echoes of Doom                                         Highlights:      Spectre encounters Doctor Doom, who helps Spectre learn about one of his dormant abilities, Psychic Healing.

Issue #40: Detour into Murderworld                            Highlights:      Spectre is abducted by Ms. Locke for Arcade’s Murderworld, and also meets Darkwell and Matrix.

Issues #41-42: Looking for A. Bomb...                  Highlights:      Spectre confronts his childhood bully again only to discover that he had recently been deceived by someone he truly loved.

Issue #43: Slaying the Dragon...                              Highlights:      Searching for Monica to confront her on her treachery, Spectre runs into an angry Dragon looking for answers.

Issue #44: Personal Affairs...                                 Highlights:      With tension mounting between himself and Spectral, Spectre discovers that the half-sister he's never known has disappeared.

Issue #45: Vengeance?!?                                   Highlights:      Things become even more strange as the villainous mercenary Vengeance tries to capture Spectre... in his own home!

Issue #46: Cold Comfort...                                   Highlights:      The plot thickens with the return of Frostbite, and are we closer to Spectral's secret?

Issue #47: Amidst an Army of Me...                            Highlights:      Ever have one of those strange days you just couldn't explain?  Yeah, I thought so...