Team NXO


Volcano Girl

Real Name:   Melanie Nowakowski

Occupation:  Bartender

Powers:           Earth Control,  Fire Control







Real Name:   Geoffrey Jones

Occupation:  Consultant

Powers: Electrical Control, Telepathy, Ability Boost



A confused and frightened young Melanie first discovered her powers as her parents car was spinning out of control on a lonely mountain road.  Fear gripped the young girl as she unknowingly molded the earth to break their fall.  Even though the car was wrecked, Melanie and her family (her sister, mother, and father) were able to walk away from the incident.  Know one knew exactly what happened - but everyone considered it a miracle.

It wasn't until Melanie was much older that she realized the true scope of her powers.  Experimenting with them by creating mini-volcanoes in her backyard, she quickly excelled in controlling and mastering her abilities.  It was also through these same experiments that she became aware of the destructive nature of her talents.  Not wanting to accidentally hurt anyone, Melanie made the decision to never use her powers again.

Beyond that she grew up as a normal teenager and into a fully functional adult.  It wasn't until recently, when the bar Melanie worked at suddenly exploded into gang violence, that her powers came into play once again.  Creating barriers of fire and earth, she quickly diffused the situation and realized there were ways she could use her powers to help people.  Shortly after that, she joined Team NXO to become Volcano Girl - a true champion of justice!



Geoffrey was always an excellent student with unending ambition.  In high school, he reigned at the top of the social circles while maintaining perfect grades.  In college, more doors opened for him than he was able to take advantage of and he encountered success at every turn.  The world was his for the taking - and he was going to take it!

Unknown to Geoffrey, his biggest obstacle in his life would be himself.  After college and several high-paying jobs, Geoffrey sank into a deep depression.  He didn't understand why and because he couldn't uncover what was causing it, he couldn't resolve it.  Geoffrey changed his scene, his job, his friends - but none of it seemed to help.

Taking several months off and away from everything he knew, Geoffrey confined himself to his apartment.  His depression kept him from leaving and forced him into even deeper levels of depression.  It was in the deepest darkest mental pit that Geoffrey discovered the source of his strength and how to tap into it.

No one knows exactly what he saw or did in his almost comatose state, but when he emerged he had discovered how to tap into his own Bio-Energy.  A regular person only uses 10% of their brain, but Geoffrey now could access almost every part of it. This gave him telepathic abilities, picture perfect memory, and the ability to "re-wire" his own energy in the form of bio-electrical blasts.

With his adrenaline running and thoughts filing through his head at light speed, he decided to use his powers for a profit and creating the super-team-for-hire group known as Team NXO.


Alley Cat

Real Name:     Allison (last name unknown)

Occupation:  Unknown

Powers:            Flight, Combat Memory