Name:  The Saint                  
Real Name:  Joseph Furioso   Power Source:  Power Transfer  
Hindrance: Guilt-Ridden (over past life, will not kill)        
Strength: 9x     Edge: 3    
Agility: 9d     Hand: 5    
Intellect: 5d     Health: 30    
Willpower: 6c          
Suit Powers:     Suit Skills:    
St   Life Support: 17   Ag   Escape Artistry  
     -Limit: Moral Conduct   Int   Criminology    
    Wp   Law Enforcement  
Int   Light Control: 14   Wp   Tracking  
     -Limit: Moral Conduct        
     -Light Sword      
St   Regeneration: 9          
     -Limit: Moral Conduct          
     -Limit: Cannot Regenerate from Good        
     -Disease Remission          
Ag   Wings:   3          
     -Limit: Moral Conduct          
     -Protected Wings          
History & Notes:          
  The Saint has the Limit: Moral Conduct attached to each of his  
powers.  If The Saint uses one of his powers in a way that breaks his  
new moral code, the power will disappear until he has fully repented.  
  Joseph Furioso was a former mafia hit man until he met his tragic  
death in an automobile crash which killed him, his wife, and his two young  
daughters.  In the afterlife, Joseph's final attempt at trying to live  
an honest life paid off.  He discovered that his death was no accident  
and that it was his former employers who sabotaged his car.  With  
rage building inside him, Joseph was allowed to come back and extract  
revenge on those guilty.  This, however, did not come without a price.  
  Before he was allowed to come back, Joseph was forced to live  
the life of each of his victims, and witness the tragedy and horror  
that surrounded their deaths.  He felt every single one of their  
greatest moments, their worst failures, and regrets as they slipped  
away.  Joseph understood what kind of monster he used to be, and  
was now sworn to vengeance against all those who were like him, and  
all that practise evil and suffering.  Joseph Furioso was reborn as  
The Saint.